Superman Stamina Review


Tori Black Stamina Trainer Fleshlight Combo

The Ultimate Stamina Training Combo

So we all know that once you’ve learned the techniques to last longer in bed the only thing to do is practice.

And if you’ve been reading any of my superman stamina reviews, then you know that the interactive trainer with the hot Tori Black is the ultimate trainer.

The secrets that Keni Styles provides in the first 2 dvd’s of this program are amazing and will undoubtedly make you last as long as you want once you’ve gotten the chance to use them a bit.

The promise of superman stamina’s interactive trainer with Tori is that if you can last 10 minutes with her (and your hand), then you can last as long as you want with any girl.

While this is true, you and I both know there is no hand that feels anything close to a real woman.

This is why I recommend you try out the Tori Black Fleshlight.

I’m a big fan of these toys and the Tori Black “swallow texture” is my fourth.

In honestly, the others feel good (better then a hand) but my new Tori Swallow, WOW!

I used it 3 times the first day I got it, I just couldn’t get enough.

By the way, I tried the FleshLight Stamina Training Unit (S.T.U) a few months back and I ended up throwing it away. The dam thing is so tight that it killed my boners!

I would get hard, start using it and then my erection would quickly disappear because it was so un-pleasurable.

And I’m not saying it was tight because I’m a “big guy”. I’m very average below the belt and this thing was so tight that I couldn’t even stay hard.

I’ve also got the Jenna Haze Pink Lady and custom built mouth textures.

Both of them are great but I haven’t even used them once since I got my Tori Black Swallow.

What I like best about it is that the lips on the mouth are opened up wide so when you slip into the beginning of her mouth, you just feel a little bit of sensation around your head.

Go just a bit deeper and she gets just a little tighter which feels like she’s rubbing her tongue under your shaft.

If you really want to take your training to the next level use the Tori Black Flesh Light with your Interactive Stamina Trainer dvd.

I haven’t got the Tori Va-Ja yet but it’s definitely next on my list.

Click Here to take Your Stamina Training to the next level and Last as Long as You Want.

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The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer with Tori Black Review

Think You'll Be Able To Last with Her?

The superman stamina interactive trainer with Tori Black is the ultimate train yourself to last longer tool. It’s the primary reason I bought superman stamina and it’s the only dvd from the entire course that I watch on a regular basis.

The other dvds in the collection are killer, but “practicing” your stamina with Tori is not only fun, but you can also track your progress and notice that you’re beginning to last longer.

There are 2 main chapters on the dvd. The first is the seminar style dvd where Tori and Bobby Bradshaw are sitting on a couch and going over the techniques we learn in the first 2 dvds with Keni.

They also explain how to use the interactive trainer in the most effective way. This is not your regular old porno movie.

Tori Black gets down and dirty in this one (as usual : ) but the difference is that she’s looking right into the camera (at you) teasing and talking dirty to you while she “instructs” you to keep going and at what intensity she wants it.

Most often when you’re in bed with a woman, you’re the one controlling the situation. You’re the one who has control over the pace. Well not here. Tori tells you what pace to go at and because of this, your ability to last longer in bed skyrockets in rapid fire time.

She’ll take you up and down, from fast to slow and extremely aroused to the point where you’ll think you can’t take it anymore, back down to a level where you could keep going all night.

Whatever amount of time you can last with Tori, multiply that by about 1 and a half and this is roughly the time you’ll be able to last with any real woman.

Tori cums twice in this interactive trainer and as she put it, she tries to make you cum 3 times but not let you until the fourth.

The only thing I don’t like about the I.T. is the fact that Tori is not completely shaved. She’s got that little triangular bush above her pelvis... Shave That Shit Tori!!!

Yet she still manages to get me hard as a rock in no time at all and keep me hard throughout the whole thing. God this girl is fine!

So if you’re ready to see how long you can last with Tori, and if you’re ready to “work” at increasing your stamina in the bedroom, then you’ve got to get this dvd set.

Click Here To Get The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer with Tori Black and the entire Last Longer Program.

You can also read my in depth reviews of the seminar style dvds where Keni Styles teaches the techniques he uses to bang gorgeous chicks for hours.

Secrets of Superman Stamina Revealed – Full DVD Review

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