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6 Ways To Tease Your Woman Into A Frenzy

6 Ways To Tease Your Woman Into A Frenzy

The best way to prepare for a night of great sex is to start early and tease your woman. From the moment you see her that day, everything should be a prelude to what’s going to come later. You want to get her fire started and stoke it higher and hotter until the big moment so she’s ready to explode. Here are six ways to tease your woman into a frenzy.

Look good. Dress in your best clothes, shave, and smell good. Your appearance is a preview for what she’s going to get later that night. Plus, the better you look, the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more attractive you will appear.

Talk dirty. Tell her exactly what you’re going to do to her later. Be more explicit than you normally would. Increase your eye contact. Look at her like you want to take her and fuck her right then and there, but don’t. Throughout the day continue to give her a look like you can’t wait to get her clothes off.

Kiss her deeply but don’t touch the rest of her body. Take extra care and kiss her longer and more passionately than you normally do, but don’t press your body against hers and when she tries to move her body into yours, move back, but remain kissing. She should grab you.

Touch her everywhere but there. When you finally move to the bedroom, start slow and wait as long as possible before beginning sex. Move your hands over her lightly and gently, feeling every sensation. You are trying to awaken her skin to your touch. Touch parts of her body that you wouldn’t normally touch. Massage and kiss her feet. Suck her fingers. Lick her earlobes and neck. Gently thread your fingers through the hair on the back of her head, at the base of her skull.

Stop just as she wants you to keep going. When you finally do start to have sex with her, she should be extremely hot and wet. As you get her close to orgasm, stop, pull out, and then put it back in. Speed up, but then slow back down. Instead of thinking about her orgasm as something you build-up to all at once, build up to it in stages. It will make it much more intense when she finally does come.

Another good way you can tease your woman into a frenzy is if you are in public, pull her aside into a corner or bathroom or behind a building and kiss her and ravish her like you can’t wait to get her home, you must fuck her right there, but then stop, compose yourself, and say, no, we can’t. Step back out and rejoin everyone else. Or don’t stop. Public sex can be amazing. Just don’t get caught.


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