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How To Dominate Your Woman In Bed

How To Dominate Your Woman

Few men know how to dominate their woman in bed. It’s a secret fetish for many women to be spanked or tied up and tortured with pleasure, but a lot of guys either never get the confidence to try or they just don’t know how to go about it. If you’ve been looking to try something new in the bedroom, perhaps some bondage or S&M play or maybe even fantasy rape but don’t know how to approach your woman about it, here is some handy advice on getting her to be more open to some rough play in the sack.

Talk to her. It is extremely important to talk to your wife or girlfriend ahead of time in order to establish boundaries and find out exactly what the other one will or won’t do. You don’t want to be in the heat of passion and try something that ends up turning her off or worse, hurting her. It could have a very harmful effect on your relationship.

Every woman is different. Some may like being spanked while others might feel like it reminds them of being spanked by their father. Some like being choked but for others it could trigger a bad memory. So you want to make sure that you discuss things a bit and also pay attention to how your partner is reacting to the things you do. Choose a “safe word” even if you don’t think you’ll need one. If either of you says the word, stop immediately.

Start slow. You want to warm up to the big stuff. If you start spanking her or being really rough right away, she could get sore fast. Manhandle her a bit. Push her down onto the bed and grab her wrists. Hold them behind her head and put your weight on top of her. Make sure she knows that you are in charge.

Ravish her with your kissing and your hands. Talk dirty to her. Pull her hair lightly and kiss her roughly. Tie her up. Neckties work well for this. Make her taste herself. Put a gag in her mouth. Make sure though you can still listen for the “safe word.” If she says it, stop.

Gradually work your way to the more intense things you want to do, like choking and spanking. Torture her by forcing her to orgasm or tease her and keep her from cumming.

Take care of her afterwards. This type of sexual activity can be physically and emotionally taxing on a person and it is important that after you are done, you show her that you really do care about her. Ask her how she liked it or if there was anything she didn’t like. Cuddle her and hold her. Tell her sweet things and thank her for indulging your desires.

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