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One Single Cause Of Premature Ejaculation

One Single Cause Of  Premature Ejaculation

Learning how to beat premature ejaculation is something that concerns many men at some point in their life.

It can happen to anyone. We get stressed out at work, maybe money is tight or we’re just extremely nervous with a new girl.

Whatever the apparent cause of this issue, it usually always boils down to one thing.


Stress of the body or mind is usually the guilty culprit for a man to ejaculate earlier then he wishes and these can seem like quite difficult things to overcome when you don’t have the right knowledge in place.

Taking time daily to consciously relax your body will be one of the most beneficial and productive things you could do to last longer and have a healthier and more enjoyable sex life for both you and your partner.

Perhaps doing a little daily yoga or meditation is your thing. Otherwise, take just a few minutes to breathe deeply and feel your body.

Becoming more aware of your physical body this way instantly relaxes you and will help you tremendously when you’re in the bedroom with that special someone.

Another way to relieve stress from your body and last longer is by being aware of the positions you’re using and stop if they don’t help your situation.

Many positions that you may be using right now can put more added stress on the muscles that are connected to your penile muscles.

When one of the contracts, the other usually follows suit and then it’s not long before you just can’t control yourself anymore.

Finally, be sure to relax that pc muscle of your and let it flow.

Don’t flex your penis because this puts the highest amount of pressure on the area that needs to stay relaxed the most.

Now if you’ve already had the issue of premature ejaculation then it may be hard to not think about it the next time you’re getting it on.

And of course when you begin to think about it, it often happens again.

The way I’ve overcome this is by simply making this particular session all about her.

I don’t ever think about the chance that I’ll have an orgasm.

I just give her the absolute best foreplay she’s ever had in her entire life and make sure to give her several orgasms from it.

Once she’s satisfied, maybe she’ll choose to return the favor and in this case, It doesn’t matter how long you last cause she’s already got hers.

Maybe she won’t return the favor and that’s fine too. Just enjoy the fact that you gave her one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences she’s ever had and this will shoot your confidence through the roof.

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