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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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This article is about how to last longer in bed for men.

It’s unfortunately a massive issue for so many men and what’s worse is that most will never learn how to stop this and learn the secrets of lasting as long as you want.

We all know that the ability to please a woman in the bedroom is one of the single biggest factors that determine if you have a quality relationship with her or not.

Women who are not getting what they need and desire in the bedroom only have 3 options.

1.      End the relationship and find someone else.

2.      Stay in the relationship and find a man who can satisfy her “on the side”.

3.      Stay in the relationship miserable, and resent their partner for her lack of satisfaction.

On the other hand there are those guys out there who learn the secrets to lasting as long as they want and end up giving their girls multiple orgasms in the process.

Guys who are in these types of relationships are usually the happiest.

When you learn to satisfy your gal she will do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and she will make you feel like a real man.

She doesn’t nag at you for stupid shit and she’s always aiming to please you.

When you go out in public, everyone will know that she’s with you because she wants to show you off while making sure that no other woman tries to steal you from her.

Finally, you’ll never wonder if she’s sleeping around with some other guy. You’ll never catch her checking out other guys and she simply won’t flirt.

You’re the only man she needs and she will make sure you feel that.

So, how do we last longer in bed?

Before we answer this there’s something we need to understand.

There’s only one reason why you don’t last long enough.

It might sound a little crazy but every single guy that I’ve ever taught the secrets of lasting as long as they want have had this in common.

The only reason you’re not lasting as long as you want...

Is because you really don’t want to last long.

Let me explain.

Either you don’t see the actual sex as pleasurable and it’s just the orgasm you’re after or... for some subconscious reason you think that there is some pain involved with sex and you just want to get it over with.

Maybe you’re not totally confident in your ability to please your woman in bed.

Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the past and you’ll do anything to avoid to feelings again.

In either case, you’ve learned that sex is something that’s not enjoyable at some level.

You’ve got to break this pattern and you’re about to learn how.

The first thing I would recommend is that you learn some ways to make her orgasm without penetration and then focus on just making her cum.

Forget about your sexual needs for one “sack session” and make it all about her.

See how many times you can make her orgasm in one night.

Doing this will make you realize just how pleasurable it can be for you to please her.

Seeing her in a stat of orgasmic bliss over and over will transform your way of thinking about sex and it won’t be long before you love sex again.

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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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