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Exercises to Last Longer in Bed – Want To Last an Hour? Here’s How

Exercises To Last Longer In Bed

There are many exercises to last longer in bed but the ones that will give you the greatest return on your investment of time, are mindset based. I’m sure you’ve heard before that “it’s all in your head”, and while it’s not something that you may want to accept, the fact is that it’s absolutely true.

Now you can and should do regular cardio exercises to increase your lasting power inside the bedroom but if you really want to take it to the next level, then you must learn to control the direction of your mind when you’re “performing”.

In this article, well go over the most effective ways to relax your mind so you can totally enjoy your sexual experience and give your partner what she really wants... reaching a state of continuous orgasmic ecstasy.

Exercise to last longer in bed # 1 – Feeling the flow of your body.

Noticing and feeling the powerful flow of your body will be the most valuable thing that you can do for your sex life and also your overall quality of life outside of the bedroom.

Take a moment right now and just feel your legs. Notice what they feel like, not moving and not doing anything. Just the flow of energy that’s going through them right now. When you practice this enough, you can work your way to feeling this vibration through your whole body. When you’re doing this right, you have no thoughts, no worries, you’re in your most productive state.

Also, women know when you’re a man of flow. Some people call this their instinct about men. Have you ever looked at a woman on a busy street for example, only to have her turn and look directly in your direction?  She can do this because she feels your flow.

Exercise to last longer in bed # 2 – Practicing like it’s the real thing.

If you ever find yourself “practicing” when you’re alone, don’t rush for the big payoff. This kills so many men when it comes to the “big game”. If you make your solo sessions last for just 2 minutes, your body will get used to this conditioning and it will be much harder to last long especially when you’re inside the real thing.

Pretend it’s the real thing. Imagine yourself kissing, touching and fondling her before anything else. Picture her face and visualize her moans and dirty looks. Close your eyes and make it as real as possible by playing the exact movie in your mind of the way you’d like it to be.

If you watch adult movies, be careful of what you’re watching. These movies are intended for one thing and one thing only, to excite the male. This is why learning how to please a woman from watching these kinds of movies is just not possible. What you see in these movies is not what your girl really wants. Sure she probably wants it rough like a pornstar every once in a while but if this is your only “strategy”, it won’t last.

Watch some girl on girl or solo action. Girls know what each other like and I’ve found that you can usually tell if they’re faking it or not. So get used to watch 2 girls together or just one solo. If you’re really stuck on regular ol boy girl scenes, make it POV (point of view). This way you don’t run the frequent possibility of seeing some dudes face moaning and groaning. This will also make the experience much more real.

The Last of My Exercises To Last Longer In Bed – Take your time!

There’s no rush when you’re making love. So many guys rush in for the kiss, the hurry to get her naked and then go for the gold. There should be a minimum of 20 minutes from the time she knows that you’re about to get it on, to the time that the actual penetration starts.

My rule of thumb is to give her orgasms before I’m inside of her. This way when the actual sex does start, she’s already primed and multiple orgasms for her and not far away.

If you want to know the exercises to last longer in bed that the world’s top porn stars use to last hours under extreme pressure, check out my Superman Stamina Review.

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