Superman Stamina Review

Superman Stamina

This is my superman stamina review. For the official site, Click Here.

superman stamina in action

Keni Demonstrates One Of His Doggystyle Techniques

I was real skeptical when I bough superman stamina. I’ve bought a few different types of products claiming to cure premature ejaculation in the past with little to no results at all.

The only thing that really sold me on this one was that I figured if anyone really knew how to last long, it would be a porn star.

I’m glad I trusted my gut.

This is not some fluff filled product that’s going to try to convince you that you have to “think about something non-sexual”.

The tips and techniques that Keni shares are the exact mind and body control techniques that I’ve used to now increase my “bedroom stamina” by over 25 minutes. These dvds saved my sex life.

While most other products out there (the one’s I’ve tried) tell you to “just relax”, superman stamina teaches you how.

Keni shares both the mental and physical techniques that he uses to last for hours, even with tons of pressure and distractions.

In superman stamina in action, Keni shows off some killer ways to make a girl cum fast. I’ve tried almost all of them now and they work like crazy!

I always thought giving girls orgasms was hard before learning what’s in these dvds but now, it almost seems easy. (Thank you Keni!)

What helped me the most was the technique Keni gives to eliminate any worries or fears you have about Cumming too quick before and during sex.

Before watching superman stamina, I was always thinking about blowing it too quick during and even before sex. This killed my sexual confidence and before I knew it, I was actually avoiding sex because I was too scared it would happen again.

No more! Because of the stuff he teaches, I now know that I’m absolutely going to rock her world (whoever the her is for that nightJ)

Keni also reveals several techniques to use when you start to feel like you’re getting too close that will bring you back down to a controllable level. And no, these aren’t silly suggestions like “stop and give her some oral”, I’ve heard those before.

I’m talking about real mental and physical “tricks” that you can use as soon as you start to feel a little too aroused to instantly bring you back down to a “in control” level.

Bottom Line: If you’re struggling with premature ejaculation like I was, then I know how frustrating and even depressing it can be and you’ve got to try this out. You won’t regret it!

I can’t thank Keni and Bobby enough so I decided to make this review site for them.

If you want to check out my reviews of each dvd, you can find them on the right.

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