Superman Stamina Review

Does Superman Stamina Suck? Read My Full Review

Thanks for stopping by my superman stamina review. Before anything, let’s not waste each others time.

Superman Stamina is not for you if:

  • You actually think that some pill is going to instantly rid you of premature ejaculation.
  • You think that porn stars are somehow born with this “magic ability ” that allows them to last for hours under extreme pressure without having to know how to control their body.
  • You’re not totally committed to handle this area and become a “masterful lover”.
  • You’re not able to afford the $97 price tag. While I would have gladly paid ten times this amount  for the sexual advantage this program gives, you simply can’t justify investing this money if it means taking food off the table. Take care of your finances first, and solve this issue later.

Now, Let’s Get To It!

Superman stamina is without a doubt the single best purchase I’ve made in years. And I fully recommend it to anyone who has ever experienced the shame and embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

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Look, I know what it feels like to lie beside a woman and feel like you might as well be castrated because you know you just aren’t lasting long enough to meet her primal needs and sexual desires. I also know what it feels like to get so nervous with a woman because you fear it will happen again.

I’ve been there and in my case, it got so bad that I eventually started to avoid women and sex altogether because I was so afraid to experience those pains again. I really thought there was no hope.

I knew that a pill wasn’t going to do if for me and I had tried to “just relax” so many times and they just didn’t work.

The fact is that I just didn’t know how to control my body like other men did. I knew there were plenty of guys out there who were totally pleasing their woman in the bedroom and I also knew they weren’t any better then me. The bottom line is that if one person can do a thing, anyone can learn to do it too.

The Unlikely Night that Everything Changed.

While “browsing” a pornsite (remember I didn’t have a girlfriend anymore and was avoiding sex and women), I happened to notice an advertisement for superman stamina.

Quite skeptical of the claims, I just knew I had to find the solution to this problem and the little voice in my head kept saying who better to teach you how to let go of sexual anxiety and last super long than a pornstar who does it for a living?

Life after Superman Stamina

Before learning the principals of superman stamina, I would get so nervous before sex just thinking about all times in the past where I came too quick. Now when I start to think about those other times, I use Keni’s block out technique and I’m instantly completely relaxed while hard as a rock and enjoying the that “I’m coming” expression on her face.

I used to lose my erections frequently because I would all of a sudden start thinking or worrying about something. Now I maintain my “rockhardedness” for an entire session and in the rare instances when I did lose it, I just applied Kenis Like A Rock strategy and BOOM, within a minute maximum, I’m strong like bull again : ) .

I remember hoping that she would come for the first time before I did that way I could just let go and enjoy mine. Kenis got killer tricks to make her orgasm before I even begin penetrating a girl, and others to give her multiple orgasms once you’re inside her.

Get Superman Stamina Now

With my previous girlfriends, I was always initiating sex and sometimes even felt like I had to “earn it”. Now that I last long enough to give her continuous orgasmic ecstasy, she’s always starting it (and in the freakiest of ways :) . We regularly have sex 4 or 5 times a week.

I used to always wonder if the girl I was with actually had an orgasm or not. Now I know that I’m making her cum and squirt, multiple times a night. When you make your girl squirt all over the bed and you’re both soaked in it you know what it is to feel like a real man.

Before getting superman stamina I would last 20 minutes, on a good day! I was probably usually more like 5 or 10. Now I can keep going for up to an hour, even an hour and a half all while she’s having crazy “body spastic” type of orgasm after another.

The 2 girls I’ve been with since using this program have been open and willing to try all kinds of freaky shit that I suggest and they both did some really crazy stuff to please me. When you get sexual stamina and you’re really pleasing your girl in the bedroom in ways she never experienced before, she’ll do anything and everything to please and keep you.

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