Superman Stamina Review


Superman Stamina Review – My Results

This blog is my creative, real time, Superman Stamina Review. So I just got my shipment from 2girlsteach sex today and I really hope this is the cure to my P.E.

Initially, I just thought about doing a review on the product, but then I had the idea of doing more of a long term, blog style review because as you and I both know, this "problem" won't be fixed over night. But hey, who knows. Maybe there's some magic voodoo somewhere in these dvds that'll instantly cure everything.

Alright, let's get serious.

My first Impressions.

So I started getting some emails from 2girls teach sex about lasting longer and they really had a whole bunch of great tips. Stuff that worked whenever I was “practicing alone” and they also had priceless info that just plain made sense.

Like the Five Types of Female Orgasms Report they put out... If you’re like me, I never even knew there was 5 different types. That thing rocked!

So I decided to order.

I mean why not? The price was cheap (for the problem they promise to cure), and if anyone knew how to avoid premature ej, it had to be a porn star.

I just got the package in the mail today. Here’s a picture of everything I got.

Superman Stamina Dvd set

I don’t really like how they packaged their product. Half the DVDs don't even have a case. I like to have my stuff packaged. But it’s really not a big deal cause I can also buy a couple of empty cases to stick em in.

And it’s what these dvds will do for me that I’m really interested in.


See those two green dvds in the picture, I have no idea what they are. I didn’t order them and I never even heard of O.M. before. They even came in a different envelope. Maybe it's a pitch for more of their products or maybe it's just a bonus. I’ll let you know after I check them out.

So my plan is to start watching one dvd a day until I’m through them all. Each day, I’ll blog about that dvd and when i’ve watched them all, I post my results. It'll be my official superman stamina review!

I have a good feeling about this.

I hope that feeling is right. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even talk to women anymore because I’m scared that it might lead to sex and then that humiliating feeling after cumming so dam fast.

I even avoid going places where I might meet women because of my premature ejaculation.

This shit’s ruining my life and I want it fixed!

I really hope this works.

Talk to ya tomorrow

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