Superman Stamina Review

Secrets of Superman Stamina Revealed – DVD 1 Review

Alright, so it took me a little long then expected to get this superman stamina review of disc # 1. But I’m sure you’ll find it well worth the wait.

Learning Natural Bedroom Stamina

This “seminar” dvd # 1 is awesome. (Although I’m not really sure why they call it a “seminar dvd”, it’s just three people talking on a couch).

The whole DVD is the host Bobby Bradshaw starting with a question or topic (while drinking a mystery beer), and then porn stars Krissy Lynn and Keni Styles giving the answer and sharing different techniques and tips.

The whole thing is a pretty laid back conversation with 3 people just talking and telling us what they know about whatever the topic might be.

If you’re reading this, then you know the main topic is stamina and how to last as long as you want in bed, but they also go over a ton of ways to boost your girls arousal and bring her over the edge.

I’ll go into these in a minute but first I just want to say that my intention is not to copy or “give away” their product. I’m just doing this to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to order superman stamina  and I don’t want any legal troubles. That said, I won’t be telling you exactly what the techniques are, but instead share with you the basic premise of what it is their sharing.

Please don’t sue me 2gts (ok, I think I’ll be alright)

And now, for the good stuff!

The first 4 minutes of this dvd are a little long (just basic intro type stuff), but once they get into it, do they ever!

At minute 4 and a half they start by giving the answer to the question: does masturbating beforehand help you or hurt you. I’ve read so many conflicting answers about this question before but Keni really makes sense of it all with an answer that is much more in depth than just a simple yes or no. He really breaks down to the real deal about this issue. Let's just say, it’s all about balance.

Next, Krissy explains one fun thing that you can do when you’re starting to build up tension, that not only calms you down and prevents you from cumming to early, but also stimulates her to higher levels at the same time.

She'll Get Off By Getting You Off

"Sometimes she’ll want an hour of sex, other times just 10 minutes." While telling you how to know what she wants, Krissy tells you exactly how to give it to her.

Krissy also casually mentions her favorite position that she claims virtually guarantees she’ll orgasms almost every time, assuming the guy can last long enough. (Hint: it’s the same position that’s known for leading to multiple orgasms.) And yes, I've tested this out multiple times and it really does work just as easy as she says.

We’re now at minute 13 of the DVD and Keni just gave a great tip to build stamina when you’re “practicing” alone. He describes it as a way of getting used to the sensation while learning to control yourself. It’s getting you’re self at the point where you really want to come and in the past would have, but now having total control and the choice of cumming or not.

Keni says Be Selfish!

How will being selfish in bed help you? Keni gets into this next while he explains how to be selfish in bed, while giving her more pleasure! I know it sounds weird but it makes sense when you hear what he has to say. Krissy really agrees with this one and seems to get excited just thinking about it.

Bobby now explains the escalation ladder. This is basically how close you are to blowing your load on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 is where it’s too late and it doesn’t matter what happens, you’re gonna cum. And a 1 might be what you feel when listening to your great aunt Gertrude talking about knitting.

Many people suggest that you should be thinking about something like baseball to try and “calm yourself down” so you can last but Bobby says don't do this. If you do, you won’t really enjoy yourself and neither will your girl cause she'll feel what you're feeling.

Bobby says that you want to be around the 7 to 8 level on the escalation ladder. It's where you're able to focus on her body and how hot it makes you, without actually cumming too soon.

Sometimes, she’ll just want to make us cum. It makes them so hot knowing that it’s them that’s making us get off. She may say things like “fuck me harder” “I want your cum in my mouth”, whatever it takes to get you there. Keni and bobby show us how to use the escalation ladder to prevent this from happening when you’re not ready.

You know that t-shirt that says “Relax, It’s Just Sex”. I remember whenever I saw one I would be saying to myself yeah right, I wish it was that easy for me! Keni just hit on a topic that reminded me of that.

He and Bobby start thinking about tension and stress. And how stress in your daily life, makes it harder to let go of it during sex. When you begin to relax throughout life in general, it becomes much easier to relax during sex.

Keni just changed the way I look at sex completely. He described it in a way that makes me say “it’s natural, it’s fun and it’s nothing more.

After watching this dvd, you'll know exactly what it means to "relax, it's just sex" and you'll have several ways to easily do it.

Again, Keni shares with us another mental trick to keeping yourself hard enough that your enjoying yourself and your girl is also, but not to excited that you can’t control yourself and blow your load.

Krissy says watch your positions. Many guys will tell her after a scene that they couldn’t do a certain position cause they would have cum. While different positions will stimulate different guys in different ways, she gives a great tip to know when this might not be the right position for you.

If you’re anything like me, Keni, Bobby or the cameraman : ), then doggy style is one of the worst positions for cumming to early. Bobby shares with us a great way to make this the most enjoyable position while not even having to worry about ejaculating prematurely.

Keni says the whole key to superman stamina is getting to know what level on the escalation ladder you can handle, which you can’t, and where you want to be.

“If you cum too early, then that was your choice and with all the secrets, strategies, tips and techniques you're going to get, the choice will be much easier to control.”

What, you mean there’s more? This first dvd not only gave me confidence that I will cure this problem, but it also gave me a whole new way of looking at sex as something that’s fun and enjoyable vs something to be afraid of. And of course the tips! Man oh man does this dvd ever rock.

I can’t wait to watch the next ones.

If you've been on the fence at all about ordering superman stamina, I say go for it! Now if you cant afford it, then of course I wouldn’t recommend you take food of the table to get this. But if you really want to get this problem handled, get this... It'll pay for itself in amazing sex and great relationships many times over.

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