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Viagra, cialis and levitra – How I got Scammed for over $100

Probably about 2 years ago, I decided to give it a try. I took the risk and bought some Viagra (or imitation Viagra) online. I knew very well that there was a possibility I would get scammed but I had a little extra money lying around and I figured the potential benefits were worth the risk.

I don’t remember the website I bought from but it was a very clean and professional looking shopping cart style of site.

Sure enough, I never received the pills. I did however get a call from a customs agent around the time I should have been getting my package.

The officer told me that they had received and package for me but could not send it to me because they thought the contents might be illegal.

They knew exactly what was inside because of the packaging and where it came from I guess. He had later told me it was coming from an overseas address.

So there were 2 options he stated. The first was that they could just keep it and do some investigating. And the second option was that he could open it right there while I was on the phone to see what was really inside. If it was ok, he would close it back up and sent it to me (with some kind of repackaging fee of course). If the contents were what he thought, they would seize it and do their investigation.

Since we both knew what was inside, I said just keep it and do what you will. He then told me that it was illegal to buy Viagra, cialis and levitra without a prescription. I didn’t even know this back then. He was pretty cool though and “let me off with a warning”. He told me to never order online again though or I would be in trouble. Not sure how severe the punishment is for buying limp dick pills without a prescription but I sure did listen.

So I made a mental note of what happened (to make sure I didn’t do it again) and cut my losses. I did try to email and phone the company that took my money but of course, getting in touch with them was impossible.

Fast forward 2 years to this very evening.

The phone rings and it’s some guy with an Indian accent calling from the manufacturer (so he says).

He starts by pitching me their new “promo” where I can get a free bottle for 1 or 2 bucks. Oh my god, what a deal! (End sarcasm)

Having been working online for several years now, I can pretty much guarantee that this is what’s known as a forced continuity deal. Get a “free” bottle today for only 1$ and in 15 or 20 days, we’ll bill you for another bottle. We will then bill you every month for your refill until you cancel. And if you try to call in and cancel, we’ll make it the most complicated procedure you’ve ever faced. You’ll most likely eventually give up and have to cancel your credit card.

But this is only my guess.

So I called him on his BS and he was quite slick. Answering all my questions without hesitation but there was just no way I was going to give him my new credit card #. I ain’t no fool. Well, not twice at least.

Do you believe I managed to keep this guy on the phone for 30 minutes! Even after I told him right from the beginning that there was no way I was giving him any of my info.

I finally got him. He asked me straight out, what do I have to do to get your trust? Simple. I said. Give me a full refund and once the cash is in my bank account and cleared, I’ll trust you.

He then told me that he wasn’t affiliated with the company who actually sold it to me. They were a distributor and there was no way he could know which one it was.

Easy I said. It’s the one who sold you my phone number. Blam! Just caught you in your first lie buddy.

From there it was pretty much downhill for his pitch and he knew it.

It didn’t take but 1 or 2 minutes after that for him to say “ok sir, have a good evening.”

Bottom line. Don’t buy any of these drugs online. Or on the phone for that matter.

First of all, you’ll get ripped off.

Second, you don’t need them.

There are much safer, natural ways to get and keep an erection and last for long amounts of time without all of this bs.

Pornstars have actually just begun sharing their knowledge and teaching men how to become a master in the bedroom.

Read what I have to say about Superman Stamina.

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The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How To Stop It

The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that many men face and unfortunately, most will never learn the simple techniques to putting an end to it.

Many believe this to be a physical issue and because of this, some “medical” companies have made fortunes promoting their drug... um, I mean, “solution”.

The truth is that if you can get and stay hard while watching an adult movie, then your problem is not medical or physical.

There are 3 major causes of erectile dysfunction.

1 – Nervousness in the moment

2 – Being somewhere else in your head

3 – Unconscious desire to avoid sex

While I’ve made these all separate in this article just for the purpose of better explaining them, then can and usually do intertwine all together.

Let’s get to it.

Cause # 1 – Nervousness in the moment

This tends to happen most often when you’re with a girl for the first time. You don’t know each others sexual preferences. You don’t know what to expect from the other. And you might not even know each other at all.

HINT: This happens to us when we assume. We assume that the girl won’t enjoy what we’re doing, we assume that she expects a certain “level of expertise”, we assume all kinds of stuff in these situations and we forget about the basic principles of “the turn on”.

As with all of these causes, the answer is to forget about everything else except for what’s happening right now in front of you. When you’re focused on the expression on her face or the parts of her body that get you riled up the most, you’re not thinking about the experiences of your past or your performance.

This leads into cause # 2 – Being somewhere else in your head

When it comes to premature ejaculation, many “experts” suggest that you think about something non-sexual to keep yourself from getting too excited too quick.


This often leads to erectile dysfunction and the recommendation of drugs to “cure” this new problem.

The truth is that a natural erection is only achieved by getting turned on. So the answer is to put all of your focus on what turns you on in the situation and leave all the rest behind.

And by the way, women know when your erection is natural or not. They can feel it. And when she sees that you need help from some drugs to get it up, she will feel unattractive, insecure and all of the things women most fear.

This will ultimately lead to her inability to get sufficiently stimulated and neither of you will fully enjoy the experience. Go natural my friend, it’s the only way.

Cause of erectile dysfunction # 3 – Unconscious desire to avoid sex

This might sound crazy to some but if you’ve had some bad experiences that lead to pain in the past, your brain will do anything to avoid feeling this pain again.

Let me give you a quick example from my own life:

When I first started having sex, it was great. Sure I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, but I could get it up without a problem and I could keep going for quite a long time.

For some reason, I started to get more and more sensitive and I began to developed the need to “let go of my seed” as quickly as possible.

I had become a 2 pump chump.

This was the most embarrassing thing ever and I was so humiliated that I just wanted to close my eyes and pretend like this girl was not even beside me.

After a few more times of this happening, I unconsciously decided that the cause of all this pain, was sex!

So to make sure I avoided the pain of cumming to quick, I would just stop getting hard even when I wanted to most.

The answer: Let go of everything in your past.


By getting back to the fundamentals once again.

Focus on her. Look, taste, touch and feel every part of her. Take it all in. Learn to love the expression on her face when she’s climaxing. Learn to love her little (and bigger) moans.

While you read that last little paragraph were you think about lowing it too quick or any other problem?

If so I didn’t do my job right.

If you’re like most of us then you were probably visualizing (while reading) being with a woman and enjoying the experience. Focused on every little thing about her that turns you on.

That’s what you have to do when you’re with her for real.

Final thoughts

Erections are nature. They are what naturally happens to us when we get aroused. How do we get aroused? By focusing on the things that sexually appeal to us.

This is it.

Turn your focus back to the moment, the girl and every little thing about her that appeals to you sexually.

It will take some practice but you will soon begin to notice that you’re now enjoying every little bit of sex and you’re now lasting for hours, giving her the most heart-pounding sexual experiences of her life.

Click Here to Learn How the Top Male Porn Stars Stay Hard for Hours without “Blowing It” to quick.

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Keni Styles Teaches Sex? – Stamina Secrets of A Porn Star

It’s true. Keni Styles (the most successful Asian male porn star in the world) has just released Superman Stamina. A DVD Program which teaches guys how he lasts for hours on set even when under pressure from pushy directors and distracting cameramen.

If you think you’re too distracted while having sex, think again.

Kenis program was filmed in high definition with the help of the 2 Girls Teach Sex crew and is quickly becoming the go to guide for any man who is not lasting long enough to give his girl multiple orgasms.

The DVD set includes 3 main dvds.

Disc # 1 is simply called Secrets of Superman Stamina Revealed.

In this laid back seminar style dvd, Keni sits on a couch with female porn star Krissy Lynn and 2GTS host Bobby Bradshaw. This first dvd is just over 40 minutes of the best advice, tips and tactics for lasting as long as you want. Better yet, it will show you how to last as long as your girl wants.

Keni, Krissy and Bobby go over several methods to controlling yourself when you feel the tension rise. They teach you how to “cool yourself down” while you build up her arousal levels at the same time.

They teach you how to get hard practically on command and more importantly, how to stay hard. They also go into why taking the blue pill is the worst thing that you can do for your sex life and your relationship.

You’ll also learn some “clearing techniques” if you’ve had some bad experiences in the past.

Before using this program, one of my biggest issues was that I would always think about the last time that I came quickly, or couldn’t get hard and guess what happened. That’s right, it would happen again!

Well this is no longer a problem because Keni will teach you how he cleared all of that garbage out of his head and how you can quickly do it too.

Yup, Keni used to suffer from premature ejaculation as well. You can read his story here if you’d like to know how he overcame it.

By the time you’re done watching this first dvd, you’ll have a solid framework of exactly what to do whenever you get nervous, feel the need to “release” or just can’t get it hard.

Check out the dvds here

And no, this stuff does not involve thinking about something non-sexual to “calm yourself down”. Keni styles is totally against this teaching and in dvd 1 you’ll learn why he says this is the worst thing you can do.

Disc # 2 is Keni Styles Superman Stamina Demonstration

Keni and the Hot Krissy Lynn get it on in front of the camera while Keni actually tells you exactly what he’s doing to stay hard and keep from ejaculating early.

It really shows the power of his techniques. I mean the fact that he can stay hard, fuck Krissy hard and not cum while he’s talking to you and teaching, if that’s not proof that this program works, I don’t know what is.

During the stamina demonstration, you’ll also learn some of Kenis favourite moves for making her cum multiple times and some tips to making your love session hot and exciting for the 2 of you.

Disc # 3 Is the Interactive Trainer with the gorgeous Tori Black

This is your chance to “practice” with a porn star. Ok not really but it’s the next best thing.

In this DVD the sexy Tori Black does a solo session where she instructs you on exactly what to do. If you ever watch any adult movies, this is kind of like a POV (point of view) scene where she’s looking at the camera the whole time and talking directly to you.

The whole point of this dvd is that you practice what you’ve learned in the other 2 while being stimulated by a hot woman. If you can last for this whole scene, then you can last as long as you want with any woman.

It might take a couple of times for you to make it cause this thing is so dam hot but once you do, sex will be something that’s exciting and satisfying for both of you.

No more awkward moments with your girl and no more shame and embarrassment in the bedroom.

Click here to get Superman Stamina Now

If you’re not yet convinced that stamina is one of the most important things to a woman, read this article written by Keni Styles himself: Is She Cheating?

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Premature Ejaculation Causes – and How To End them Tonight!

Premature Ejaculation Causes

While so many men are lead to believe that there are several “medical” premature ejaculation causes, the truth is that they all emerge from the same “root problem”.

Very rarely is premature ejaculation the result of a physical problem. Almost never in fact. You may have heard that “it’s all in your head” but the truth of the matter is that you simply have never been taught how to control your thoughts and nervousness. If only someone would take the time to teach us the secrets of relaxing ourselves and being totally present in the moment of what we’re doing, this issue would not occur.

Now one of the premature ejaculation causes may be thought of as extreme sensitivity, this is especially the case when it’s been a while that you haven’t had sex. When you learn how to “get into your body” this all goes away.

I know this might sound like hokum to some but when you experience what this feels like before ever getting to the bedroom, you’ll know for a fact that there is much validity to it.

Being in your body, or in the moment is simply letting go of all thought and just feeling what you feel. No judgements, no fears or anxiousness, just pure enjoyment of the moment your presently in.

One of the most popular ways that people do this is to focus on their breathing. Take deep breathes and just pay attention to nothing but them. Well this definitely does work when you’re all alone maybe lying down somewhere, but when you’re in the bedroom with some woman your attracted to, it’s kind of hard to concentrate on your breathe and give her pleasure at the same time.

The way I like to do it and what I suggest you try right now is to sit comfortably without moving for now, and just notice what you legs feel like. Take a minute right now, don’t move, don’t think, just feel your legs.

Got it? Good. Now move this feeling up slowly to your pelvic area. Then up to your stomach and all the way through your entire body. It may be somewhat hard in the beginning, but with a little consistent practice, you’ll get it to the point where you don’t even have to think about doing this anymore, it’ll just be the way you live and go through life.

When you do this, not only will you have total control in the bedroom, but the woman you’re with will feel this energy from you and she will know that you are indeed in this present moment. This will score you many points and she’ll be much easier to arouse, which will have her wanting to pleasure you as well.

If you had a hard time believing that someone else could actually feel this energy coming from you, then I want you to try something. The next time you’re within physical proximity with a woman, if you’re speaking to her or not, I want you to notice the feeling of your body again. You’ll see a dramatic shift in the way that she acts with and responds to you.

So try this out so that you can see this really works, then start to incorporate this new way of being into every area of your life. You’ll quickly see that you’re not only much more relaxed but everyone around you will be as well and any previous anxiousness and nervousness you might have previously had in the bedroom will be severely reduced if not gone completely.

So now you know the truth about premature ejaculation causes and you're also armed to deal with them.

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Exercises to Last Longer in Bed – Want To Last an Hour? Here’s How

Exercises To Last Longer In Bed

There are many exercises to last longer in bed but the ones that will give you the greatest return on your investment of time, are mindset based. I’m sure you’ve heard before that “it’s all in your head”, and while it’s not something that you may want to accept, the fact is that it’s absolutely true.

Now you can and should do regular cardio exercises to increase your lasting power inside the bedroom but if you really want to take it to the next level, then you must learn to control the direction of your mind when you’re “performing”.

In this article, well go over the most effective ways to relax your mind so you can totally enjoy your sexual experience and give your partner what she really wants... reaching a state of continuous orgasmic ecstasy.

Exercise to last longer in bed # 1 – Feeling the flow of your body.

Noticing and feeling the powerful flow of your body will be the most valuable thing that you can do for your sex life and also your overall quality of life outside of the bedroom.

Take a moment right now and just feel your legs. Notice what they feel like, not moving and not doing anything. Just the flow of energy that’s going through them right now. When you practice this enough, you can work your way to feeling this vibration through your whole body. When you’re doing this right, you have no thoughts, no worries, you’re in your most productive state.

Also, women know when you’re a man of flow. Some people call this their instinct about men. Have you ever looked at a woman on a busy street for example, only to have her turn and look directly in your direction?  She can do this because she feels your flow.

Exercise to last longer in bed # 2 – Practicing like it’s the real thing.

If you ever find yourself “practicing” when you’re alone, don’t rush for the big payoff. This kills so many men when it comes to the “big game”. If you make your solo sessions last for just 2 minutes, your body will get used to this conditioning and it will be much harder to last long especially when you’re inside the real thing.

Pretend it’s the real thing. Imagine yourself kissing, touching and fondling her before anything else. Picture her face and visualize her moans and dirty looks. Close your eyes and make it as real as possible by playing the exact movie in your mind of the way you’d like it to be.

If you watch adult movies, be careful of what you’re watching. These movies are intended for one thing and one thing only, to excite the male. This is why learning how to please a woman from watching these kinds of movies is just not possible. What you see in these movies is not what your girl really wants. Sure she probably wants it rough like a pornstar every once in a while but if this is your only “strategy”, it won’t last.

Watch some girl on girl or solo action. Girls know what each other like and I’ve found that you can usually tell if they’re faking it or not. So get used to watch 2 girls together or just one solo. If you’re really stuck on regular ol boy girl scenes, make it POV (point of view). This way you don’t run the frequent possibility of seeing some dudes face moaning and groaning. This will also make the experience much more real.

The Last of My Exercises To Last Longer In Bed – Take your time!

There’s no rush when you’re making love. So many guys rush in for the kiss, the hurry to get her naked and then go for the gold. There should be a minimum of 20 minutes from the time she knows that you’re about to get it on, to the time that the actual penetration starts.

My rule of thumb is to give her orgasms before I’m inside of her. This way when the actual sex does start, she’s already primed and multiple orgasms for her and not far away.

If you want to know the exercises to last longer in bed that the world’s top porn stars use to last hours under extreme pressure, check out my Superman Stamina Review.

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More Stamina in the Bedroom – When She Just Can’t Take Anymore

More Stamina In The Bedroom

Every guy wants to know how to gain more stamina in the bedroom and every woman wants her guy to have it. Because it’s such a strong emotional need for men to satisfy their woman, the “supplementation” industry has generated massive fortunes by deceiving men into thinking that stamina is something that can be attained with a little magic pill.

The truth is that stamina is something that involves much more than a simple shift in the chemical mixture flowing through your body. Stamina is not only the ability to last as long as you want but also what you’re doing in that time. It’s the ability to make a girls heart race with anticipation before you ever begin penetration.

Real stamina is not only know how to, but also giving her intense orgasm after orgasm to the point that she just can’t take it anymore and pushes you off her. True stamina is not only the way you make love, but the passion that it flows from.

Here are 4 simple steps to enjoy more stamina in the bedroom

#1 – Lasting longer.

Being able to last longer without orgasm is a problem for many guys and it’s also one of the biggest complaints from females who aren’t satisfied with their partners’ performance “under the sheets”.

The best way to last longer without cumming too quick is to focus on your woman. When a guy experiences premature ejaculation, it’s almost always (99% of the time) because he’s in his head. As much as most guys would like to hear that it’s a physical problem that requires some medical help, this is hardly ever the case.

The truth is that we’re not taught how to let go of our minds and totally experience the physical activity that we’re engaged in. By simply concentrating on your woman, what she’s doing, what she’s saying (or moaning), the scent of her hair, the beauty of her hips, lips and every other part of her body. When you give your full attention to her and her body, not only will your natural sexual drive and excitement kick in, but she will feel this and it will arouse her even more.

#2 – Take a break to have some fun.

I’ve never heard a woman complain because I “pulled out of her” and went down on her, engaged in some role play or simply made love to her ENTIRE body with my hands, tongue and even my breath.

While sex for most men is strictly about the penetration, we have to remember that for women sex is everything from penetration, to kissing, to fondling and even a look. While sex is mainly physical for men, women experience sex on a much deeper emotional level.

So when you’re feeling like you might blow it to soon, pull out and try stimulating her emotional senses.

#3 – Get more stamina outside of the bedroom.

This may sound obvious but most men seem to take it as a cliché and not follow through on this one. Work on your cardio and you will instantly notice more sexual stamina enter your life. Now you don’t have to get a gym membership and spend 2 hours a day there. Just 20 to 30 minutes of light jogging or bicycling 3 times a week will go a long way.

Not only does exercise help you attain more stamina, but it really does enrich every area of your life. When you workout regularly (again, 3 times a week will do), you tend to look at and experience life with much more joy, relaxedness and excitement. This will also rub off on your woman if you’re in a relationship and if you’re not, women will tend to be much more attracted to you because of your new physique and the positive emotions that you emit.

#4 – Developing a stronger relationship with your partner automatically generates more passion and stamina in the bedroom.

Just like you, your lady has both physical and emotional needs that have to be met or she won’t feel completely alive. She’ll bitch and complain about petty stuff that just gets on your nerves instead of focusing on what really matters in life. When you help her meet her needs, wants and desires, she will do anything to please you.

Remember that relationships are not meant to be a deal or trade (you give me this and I’ll let you have that), relationships are about giving 100% percent of yourself to the other person. When one person feels like you’re giving 100% and they truly are happy, they automatically want to do the same for you.

If you want to find out how the top male pornstars instantly let go of the pressure of performing, maintain superman like stamina even under intensely hectic situations and manage to give girls intense multiple orgasms, read my Superman Stamina Review Now.

Just imagine having the same unfair advantage that pornstars have when it comes to sexual performance versus the average regular guys.

Click Here To Get Superman Like Stamina and Give Her Continuous Orgasmic Ecstasy

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My Superman Stamina Review – Your Fair Warning Before Buying

First off I want to publicly thank Keni Styles, Krissy Lynn, Tori Black and the whole 2GTS crew for what they’ve done for my sex life.

Yes, Superman Stamina does work like they say but there are a couple of things to be aware of.

But first, let me just tell you what you’ll get from this program.

There’s a total of 4 DVDs plus whatever bonus they decide to give away. (I’ve been back to the site a couple of times since I made my buy and it seems like they keep changing the bonus.)

DVD # 1 is all about how to last longer. Curing premature ejaculation with the tips Keni Styles shares in this DVD is only one of the things you’ll get from this first dvd.

Keni also shares some great tips on how to give more pleasure to the woman you’re with and a whole new way of thinking about and looking at sex that help you relax and enjoy it Much more!

DVD # 2 is all about staying hard. There are very specific keys to keeping a rock hard erection all night long and in this dvd, Keni shares them with us. Note: These strategies have even kept me hard after I orgasm so I can still keep going!

DVD # 3 is the demonstration with Keni and Krissy Lynn. It really just the 2 of them having sex while Keni walks you through everything you’ve learnt in the first 2 dvds. I really didn’t think it was necessary but Krissy is pretty hot so I won’t be making any complaints.

DVD # 4 is where the money is. It’s what they call “The Interactive Trainer”. It’s Tori Black (My new favourite porn star! Man this girl is hot!) In a solo type of film where she guides you through “sex with her”.

Tori tells you exactly what to do (slower, faster, more intensity, focus on breathing, imagine kissing my neck) while you and her both masturbate.

The goal is to last the whole 20 minutes with her and not cum until she tells you to. And trust me, it’s not easy. I’ve actually found it more difficult to stay hard without cumming watching this dvd then when with a real girl because Tori gives you specific instructions that you have to follow, and she teases the hell out of you. When you’re with a real girl you can do it however you want.

Bottom line: when you can finish this training dvd using the techniques in dvds 1 and 2, you can last much more then 20 minutes with any girl.

To make it even harder (and more pleasurable), I use my fleshlight when I’m ”with Tori”. This thing together with Toris teasing, if this isn’t superman stamina training then I don’t know what is.

When you go to the fleshlight site, they suggest the “Stamina Training Unit” to build up stamina but I found it a little too tight. And I'm not saying that I'm particularly big, I'm actually about average but I kept losing my erection with that one. So I bought the mouth orifice with the “original texture”. Man what a difference.

Of course the flesh light doesn’t feel exactly like a real girl but it’s pretty dam close. I’m sure you’ll be pleased if you choose to use it with your Stamina Training.

What Superman Stamina Won’t Teach You.

Superman Stamina helped me go from a minute man to lasting just shy of an hour in less than a month, but you know what? This really didn’t help me give her orgasms.

Keni does give some great tips on getting her more in the mood, turning her on more and how to give proper foreplay, but I want to know how to make her cum, and Hard, and over and over again!

I want to rock her world!

So here’s what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to give you a free report called “Her Best Lover Ever – A Step-By-Step Guide To Being The Best Lover She’s Ever Had”. It’s a killer report made by Keni Styles and Krissy Lynn.

I’m also gonna send you a secret link that’ll give you 10% off any fleshlight if you decide you want to get one.

And finally, since the superman stamina dvd package takes a few days to get delivered, I’ll also give you another report that’ll show you some simple tricks you can use to last up to 20 minutes longer, Tonight!

Why did I go through all the trouble to find this stuff for you and hook you up?

Cause I know what not being able to give a girl amazing sex does to a mans pride, ego and spirit. It kills us on the inside and it’s a pain I lived with for way to long.

I’ve also experienced this pain from the other side. When the “role models/parents” in your life aren’t having a fulfilled sex life it comes out in every little thing around the house and as a kid, adolescent and now grown up, it really affects you in much more than just your sex life.

Here’s How This Works

After you order Superman Stamina, Just send me an email at: joey @ with the words “superman bonus” in it (Remove the spaces in that email address). Make sure you use the same email address that you use when you buy superman stamina or I won’t be able to know if you bought or not. Also, make sure you order by clicking a link on this website.

Click here to Get Superman Stamina Now and become the best she’s ever had.

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Free Superman Stamina Download – Stamina Secrets of A Porn Star

Before you order Superman Stamina, check out this Killer report Keni and Krissy wrote.

Inside you'll learn what these 5 types of orgasms are and several different techniques to make her have each one.

I can't believe they're giving this away for free.

You'll also get a ton more free stuff from superman stamina and the 2GTS team.


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Superman Stamina Review – My Results

This blog is my creative, real time, Superman Stamina Review. So I just got my shipment from 2girlsteach sex today and I really hope this is the cure to my P.E.

Initially, I just thought about doing a review on the product, but then I had the idea of doing more of a long term, blog style review because as you and I both know, this "problem" won't be fixed over night. But hey, who knows. Maybe there's some magic voodoo somewhere in these dvds that'll instantly cure everything.

Alright, let's get serious.

My first Impressions.

So I started getting some emails from 2girls teach sex about lasting longer and they really had a whole bunch of great tips. Stuff that worked whenever I was “practicing alone” and they also had priceless info that just plain made sense.

Like the Five Types of Female Orgasms Report they put out... If you’re like me, I never even knew there was 5 different types. That thing rocked!

So I decided to order.

I mean why not? The price was cheap (for the problem they promise to cure), and if anyone knew how to avoid premature ej, it had to be a porn star.

I just got the package in the mail today. Here’s a picture of everything I got.

Superman Stamina Dvd set

I don’t really like how they packaged their product. Half the DVDs don't even have a case. I like to have my stuff packaged. But it’s really not a big deal cause I can also buy a couple of empty cases to stick em in.

And it’s what these dvds will do for me that I’m really interested in.


See those two green dvds in the picture, I have no idea what they are. I didn’t order them and I never even heard of O.M. before. They even came in a different envelope. Maybe it's a pitch for more of their products or maybe it's just a bonus. I’ll let you know after I check them out.

So my plan is to start watching one dvd a day until I’m through them all. Each day, I’ll blog about that dvd and when i’ve watched them all, I post my results. It'll be my official superman stamina review!

I have a good feeling about this.

I hope that feeling is right. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even talk to women anymore because I’m scared that it might lead to sex and then that humiliating feeling after cumming so dam fast.

I even avoid going places where I might meet women because of my premature ejaculation.

This shit’s ruining my life and I want it fixed!

I really hope this works.

Talk to ya tomorrow

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