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The Importance of Selecting the Correct Penis Enlargement Products

The Importance Of Selecting The Correct Penis Enlargement Products

Ever since penis enlargement became a main concern for men with average and below average sized penises, the market has been flooded with so many different types of penis enlargement products.  A quick internet search for these products will hundreds of different products.  Unfortunately, not all of these products are effective.  Care must be taken when selecting a product to purchase to avoid wasting time and hard earned money on worthless products and programs.

The first step to selecting the correct product is to find out what people are saying about a product.  Both satisfied and disappointed people are quick to post their experiences on the internet.  Many negative experiences on a product are definite signs that the product is worthless.  Companies that have proven that their products are effective will even offer customer forums on their websites so people can discuss their experiences.

Find out if the product is backed by medical endorsements.  Products that are effective will have medical endorsements to show their worth.

Companies that are confident in the product that they are selling will show their confidence by offering a 100% money back guarantee.  If the product you are interested in does not offer a guarantee then quickly search for another product that does.

Customer support is a major factor to look for when buying any product.  This becomes very important when it comes to penis enlargement products.  You need to be sure you can get a hold of a company representative at any time.  Look for company that not only advertises customer support but actually provides easily accessible representatives.  You might want to try contacting customer service several times just to ensure that they are reliable.

Always keep in mind that the penis consists of sensitive tissues and muscles. There is no guarantee that each and every male’s body will react to a product the same way.  This is the very reason why extra care should be taken when selecting penis enlargement products or programs.  Your desire for a larger penis might end up in a catastrophe if the wrong product or program is selected.

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How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Without Pills

How To Last Longer In Bed

For men, sex is a measure of value.  If you cannot perform well in bed, your value as a man declines immensely.  That is why it is important for men to do well in the bedroom and please their women properly.  Unfortunately, not all men know how to be good in bed.  Contrary to popular belief, doing well in bed is not inherent; it is learned.  If men want to be good in bed, they have to train for it.  Sexual skills will not come to you if you do not search for them.

When it comes to bedroom performance, the basic requirement is for you to last long.  After all, without having this ability, you cannot practice.  If you cannot last long, you won’t be able to please your woman.  True, there are pills that help you last longer in bed.  But these might have side effects.  To keep things safe, you should always opt for natural solutions.

Many are curious about ways on how to last longer in bed for men without pills.  There are actually many ways to help men prolong themselves in bed.  The best way is to practice control.  The biggest problem men have is having a lack of mental control when having sex.  As soon as a man sees a woman naked, different types of fantasies are played in his head simultaneously.  This leads to abnormal stimulation, making him arrive earlier than expected.  For men who have trouble with lasting long, control is the key.  Instead of imagining stuff in your head, focus on what is there for you; take things slow and easy.  Learn to moderate your excitement.

Also, you should make to you manage your load.  Having too much semen stocked up can increase your penis’ sensitivity to touch.  Do your best to desensitize yourself, especially right before sex.  Don’t overdo it, however.  Save some fun for your partner.  Just make sure to condition your mind well and to have your body ready right before sex.  That way, both you and your partner will be happy at the end of the day.

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Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men: Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is simply defined as a man’s lack of ability to strengthen his erection during sexual intercourse. Also notably known as “Impotence”, the ED is said to create plodding effects among young men today. The effects include inconsistency in penetration, depression, low self-esteem and even relationship problems. The various causes of erectile dysfunction in young men comprises of the following:

  • ED can cause cardiovascular diseases if not cured immediately. Diseases that can occur during ED include the rare “Atherosclerosis” or the unnecessary narrowing of the arterial walls that covers the arteries. ED can also cause metabolic illnesses, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • A young man can suffer from ED if his spinal cord or pelvic area is injured or contracted with tumor that causes prostrate cancer. Having lower levels of testosterone charges in the body also serves as an indication that the man is suffering from ED.
  • Recent studies show that most young men are suffering from ED due to anxiety signs that are brought by nervousness during sexual intercourse. Young males who lack experience in sex have the tendency to get easily anxious or nervous. In some cases meanwhile, stress and fatigue is also considered a sign that indicates the cause of erectile dysfunction in young men.

The male anatomy comes out as a complex system that involves a wide variety of body functions such as hormones, emotions and brain. Any malfunctions from the system can be susceptible to ED. However, males encountering serious problems in erecting can do something about it through the following treatments:

  • Young men suffering from ED can optionally have a “Phosphodiasterase Inhibitors”. The drug is said to help generate effects of nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide is essential in enhancing the muscle strength and augmenting the blood flow that basically triggers when erection occurs.

Males having ED can also rely on therapies such as hormone replacement, administered intra-uteral therapy or “Muse Therapy” and needle-injection procedure. Most of these therapies are done under the supervision and recommendation of a professional or doctor.

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How to Become an Alpha Male – 3 Simple Rules

How To Become An Alpha Male

What does it take to be an alpha male? If you’ve always wanted to become that man that all other men secretly want to become, then it’s time that you start taking down notes on how to become an alpha male. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have the wealth or the looks of brad pit in order to become that man that women can’t help but fawn over. All you need is a couple of tips to help you along the way.

The first rule that you need to learn in order to become an alpha male - be confident. Confidence can make up for all the things that you don’t have so you’d better start stocking up on it. Although it may be a bit difficult to build your confidence in the beginning, listing down all your positive traits is a great way to get started.

Next, you also need to learn the art of dressing well. people will judge you by the way you dress so if you want them to see a good looking and charming man, you might want to move on to a completely new wardrobe. Do away with the loose jeans and start going for a more refined sense of style. Trust me; you’ll look and feel a lot better once you start dressing well.

Last but not the least; you need to learn how to market yourself as the complete package. Alpha males have the uncanny ability to make women believe anything they say so if you want to get that woman of your dreams, you need to believe that you are indeed the complete package. But don’t just make up your new persona and lie about a bunch of things. You need to actually be able to own up to it.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you have a better idea on how you can become an alpha male – the first order of business is to get your act together. Start looking up more tips on how you can transform yourself into that man you’ve always wanted to be. Just keep your eye on the goal. You’re bound to reach it sooner than you expect.

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How Do I Last Longer In Bed?

It would be very anticlimactic if during sexual intercourse, when the woman has just started getting aroused, the man has already reached orgasm, thanked her for a good night and went off to sleep. That is very frustrating and unsatisfying, even though the woman doesn't complain nor say anything about it. In truth, she wants more sexual satisfaction from her man, instead of just seconds or few minutes of sexual intercourse. But men should fret not, because premature ejaculation is a common problem, especially among young age. There are simple ways on how to last longer in bed, and neither medications nor surgeries are needed.

If a man asks, 'how do I last longer in bed?' Well, first is that the man should stop thinking about himself, but instead think about how to stimulate and satisfy his partner more. If his goal in mind during every sexual intercourse is to take all the pleasure for himself, then chances are he would reach orgasm sooner even before his partner feels it. The man should concentrate on pleasuring his beloved, by setting the penetration aside and working with his hands and mouth instead, up to the climax. When the woman is about to reach orgasm, he could then join in with her.

Another item in this how do I last longer in bed tip is for the man to control his breathing through the whole intercourse. Scientifically speaking, breathing is directly related to one's ejaculating mechanism. Going into foreplay and into penetration, it gradually becomes faster as both partners get excited, and speeds up until the orgasm is reached. To slow the breathing down, the man should forcibly control it. This delays the ejaculation. However, this is quite difficult to do and takes time to master; he should also do it consciously or else the control is wholly neglected.

Women are very hard to please, so they say. And even in bed, it takes some tremendous effort of a man to be able to really please his woman. But if he has successfully satisfied his partner by giving her the time of her life, chances are she will love him even more.

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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

Click Here To Watch The Video Now!


This article is about how to last longer in bed for men.

It’s unfortunately a massive issue for so many men and what’s worse is that most will never learn how to stop this and learn the secrets of lasting as long as you want.

We all know that the ability to please a woman in the bedroom is one of the single biggest factors that determine if you have a quality relationship with her or not.

Women who are not getting what they need and desire in the bedroom only have 3 options.

1.      End the relationship and find someone else.

2.      Stay in the relationship and find a man who can satisfy her “on the side”.

3.      Stay in the relationship miserable, and resent their partner for her lack of satisfaction.

On the other hand there are those guys out there who learn the secrets to lasting as long as they want and end up giving their girls multiple orgasms in the process.

Guys who are in these types of relationships are usually the happiest.

When you learn to satisfy your gal she will do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and she will make you feel like a real man.

She doesn’t nag at you for stupid shit and she’s always aiming to please you.

When you go out in public, everyone will know that she’s with you because she wants to show you off while making sure that no other woman tries to steal you from her.

Finally, you’ll never wonder if she’s sleeping around with some other guy. You’ll never catch her checking out other guys and she simply won’t flirt.

You’re the only man she needs and she will make sure you feel that.

So, how do we last longer in bed?

Before we answer this there’s something we need to understand.

There’s only one reason why you don’t last long enough.

It might sound a little crazy but every single guy that I’ve ever taught the secrets of lasting as long as they want have had this in common.

The only reason you’re not lasting as long as you want...

Is because you really don’t want to last long.

Let me explain.

Either you don’t see the actual sex as pleasurable and it’s just the orgasm you’re after or... for some subconscious reason you think that there is some pain involved with sex and you just want to get it over with.

Maybe you’re not totally confident in your ability to please your woman in bed.

Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the past and you’ll do anything to avoid to feelings again.

In either case, you’ve learned that sex is something that’s not enjoyable at some level.

You’ve got to break this pattern and you’re about to learn how.

The first thing I would recommend is that you learn some ways to make her orgasm without penetration and then focus on just making her cum.

Forget about your sexual needs for one “sack session” and make it all about her.

See how many times you can make her orgasm in one night.

Doing this will make you realize just how pleasurable it can be for you to please her.

Seeing her in a stat of orgasmic bliss over and over will transform your way of thinking about sex and it won’t be long before you love sex again.

Click here to learn the step by step porn star secrets for:

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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Tori Black Stamina Trainer Fleshlight Combo

The Ultimate Stamina Training Combo

So we all know that once you’ve learned the techniques to last longer in bed the only thing to do is practice.

And if you’ve been reading any of my superman stamina reviews, then you know that the interactive trainer with the hot Tori Black is the ultimate trainer.

The secrets that Keni Styles provides in the first 2 dvd’s of this program are amazing and will undoubtedly make you last as long as you want once you’ve gotten the chance to use them a bit.

The promise of superman stamina’s interactive trainer with Tori is that if you can last 10 minutes with her (and your hand), then you can last as long as you want with any girl.

While this is true, you and I both know there is no hand that feels anything close to a real woman.

This is why I recommend you try out the Tori Black Fleshlight.

I’m a big fan of these toys and the Tori Black “swallow texture” is my fourth.

In honestly, the others feel good (better then a hand) but my new Tori Swallow, WOW!

I used it 3 times the first day I got it, I just couldn’t get enough.

By the way, I tried the FleshLight Stamina Training Unit (S.T.U) a few months back and I ended up throwing it away. The dam thing is so tight that it killed my boners!

I would get hard, start using it and then my erection would quickly disappear because it was so un-pleasurable.

And I’m not saying it was tight because I’m a “big guy”. I’m very average below the belt and this thing was so tight that I couldn’t even stay hard.

I’ve also got the Jenna Haze Pink Lady and custom built mouth textures.

Both of them are great but I haven’t even used them once since I got my Tori Black Swallow.

What I like best about it is that the lips on the mouth are opened up wide so when you slip into the beginning of her mouth, you just feel a little bit of sensation around your head.

Go just a bit deeper and she gets just a little tighter which feels like she’s rubbing her tongue under your shaft.

If you really want to take your training to the next level use the Tori Black Flesh Light with your Interactive Stamina Trainer dvd.

I haven’t got the Tori Va-Ja yet but it’s definitely next on my list.

Click Here to take Your Stamina Training to the next level and Last as Long as You Want.

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The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer with Tori Black Review

Think You'll Be Able To Last with Her?

The superman stamina interactive trainer with Tori Black is the ultimate train yourself to last longer tool. It’s the primary reason I bought superman stamina and it’s the only dvd from the entire course that I watch on a regular basis.

The other dvds in the collection are killer, but “practicing” your stamina with Tori is not only fun, but you can also track your progress and notice that you’re beginning to last longer.

There are 2 main chapters on the dvd. The first is the seminar style dvd where Tori and Bobby Bradshaw are sitting on a couch and going over the techniques we learn in the first 2 dvds with Keni.

They also explain how to use the interactive trainer in the most effective way. This is not your regular old porno movie.

Tori Black gets down and dirty in this one (as usual : ) but the difference is that she’s looking right into the camera (at you) teasing and talking dirty to you while she “instructs” you to keep going and at what intensity she wants it.

Most often when you’re in bed with a woman, you’re the one controlling the situation. You’re the one who has control over the pace. Well not here. Tori tells you what pace to go at and because of this, your ability to last longer in bed skyrockets in rapid fire time.

She’ll take you up and down, from fast to slow and extremely aroused to the point where you’ll think you can’t take it anymore, back down to a level where you could keep going all night.

Whatever amount of time you can last with Tori, multiply that by about 1 and a half and this is roughly the time you’ll be able to last with any real woman.

Tori cums twice in this interactive trainer and as she put it, she tries to make you cum 3 times but not let you until the fourth.

The only thing I don’t like about the I.T. is the fact that Tori is not completely shaved. She’s got that little triangular bush above her pelvis... Shave That Shit Tori!!!

Yet she still manages to get me hard as a rock in no time at all and keep me hard throughout the whole thing. God this girl is fine!

So if you’re ready to see how long you can last with Tori, and if you’re ready to “work” at increasing your stamina in the bedroom, then you’ve got to get this dvd set.

Click Here To Get The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer with Tori Black and the entire Last Longer Program.

You can also read my in depth reviews of the seminar style dvds where Keni Styles teaches the techniques he uses to bang gorgeous chicks for hours.

Secrets of Superman Stamina Revealed – Full DVD Review

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Full Superman Stamina In Action DVD Review With Tips and Pics!

Superman stamina in action is just one of the 7 dvds included in the superman stamina “how to last longer” dvd program.

The promise of this home study style training dvd set is that you’ll instantly discover the reasons for your premature ejaculation and how to cure them.

You’ll learn some simple techniques used by popular adult male stars that will not only help you to control your arousal levels, but also heighten hers at the same time.

In dvd # 2 Superman Stamina In Action, Keni Styles and the gorgeous Krissy Lynn get it on for the camera while Keni explains the exact strategy he’s using in that very moment to, keep himself hard, prevent blowing it too quickly and give Krissy some serious screaming orgasms.

This is not only for men who want to learn how to better control themselves but any man who is interested in learn how to give his woman more pleasure in the bedroom will benefit from this dvd program.

All of the dvds in Superman Stamina including Superman Stamina in Action are shot in high def and have Hollywood style editing.

Except for Keni teaching you all of his secrets to pleasing women while he’s doing it right in front of you, you’d think you are watching a 5 star high grade Hollywood style adult movie.

Click Here To Order Your Copy of Superman Stamina Now.

Other dvds in Superman Stamina include the interactive trainer with Tori Black and Oral Sex Magic just to name a few.

The Interactive Trainer is the ultimate tool for curing premature ejaculation and learning how to last as long as you want. The promise of this dvd is that if you can “practice” with Tori for the entire length of the film (only 20 minutes), then you can last as long as you want with any woman.

In Oral Sex Magic, you’ll learn how to give her multiple oral orgasms. So many men do this wrong and until now there really wasn’t a good way to learn.

In this 2 disc set, Shawna Lenee will not only teach you, but she’ll also show in a live demonstration how to properly go from stimulating foreplay to multi orgasmic oral sex that will drive her wild.

Click Here to Claim Your Copy of Superman Stamina in Action along with all the otherbonus DVDs while they’re still available.

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Giving A Woman An Orgasm, or 5

Giving A Woman An Orgasm

Giving a woman an orgasm is one of the great pleasures in life for men. Know that you’ve not only satisfied your woman but sent her to a state of near unconscious sexual bliss makes you truly feel like a man.

This is when you know you’re doing your part in a relationship or just in the bedroom if you’re not actually in a relationship with her.

I was once told that if you’re not in a relationship with a woman, then you’re not really a man. Since then I’ve learned a few things and have changed this to if you’re not consistently satisfying a woman, you’re not a man.

In this article we’ll go over a few simple ways to make sure that your woman not only orgasms, but that she has multiple screaming orgasms to the point where you need to stop.

The first and most basic principal to making sure your woman has multiple orgasms is that you’ve got to stimulate her emotional senses before the physical.

We all know that women experience sex on a much more emotional level then we do. While sex for men is all about what our manhood is feeling and how the mind is being stimulated, women experience it all as what they feel on the inside.

This not only mean inside of her physical body, but also the emotions that are stirring up within her in the moment.

One of the most powerful ways that you can make sure your gal is emotionally stimulated is by meeting her there. When you do this, she feels it and it will amplify her experience much more.

Here’s how to do this.

As you’re sitting down reading this right now I want you feel your legs.

Stop everything and just notice what they feel like.

Got that tingling sensation of vibration in them yet?

Good now work on noticing your fingers, hands, arms and every single other part of your body.

This is called being present. And as you’re being present right now, you’ll being to notice that there are no thoughts fluttering through your mind. There’s no stress. You are just being, and feeling.

Well guess what.

Women know when you’re present or not and when you’re in the relaxed stress-free state of presence, she will become more relaxed naturally.

When you’re in this blissful state and having sex, the entire experience changes.

You’re both totally free to do whatever naturally comes to you without any judgment, without any friction and with absolutely no anxiety.

Try this exercise when you’re just around a woman. Any woman at all even if you don’t know her or are not talking to her. Just notice what she does and how she reacts to you.

This leads into our next tip to giving a woman an orgasm perfectly because tip # 2 is all about taking your time and presence is all about no time.

Most men are in such a rush to get her clothes off and “get in there”. This is the surest way to guarantee that she won’t orgasm and most likely won’t enjoy her experience with you.

When you take the time to stimulate her emotional erotic senses, now you’re lighting her up and making her ready for orgasms.

You’ve got to begin to love foreplay. This is what it’s all about. When you’re foreplay game is on point, making her have not only 1 but 2, 3 and even more orgasms is simple.

RULE OF THUMB: Foreplay should last until she’s begging for it. If you’ve not yet reached this point, then alter your approach a little and keep at it. You’ll know if you’re on the right track by noticing her moans, the way her body moves and just looking at her face.

This is just the first few steps to giving a woman an orgasm.

Learn the sex tips that will bring her over the edge.

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