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More Stamina in the Bedroom – When She Just Can’t Take Anymore

More Stamina In The Bedroom

Every guy wants to know how to gain more stamina in the bedroom and every woman wants her guy to have it. Because it’s such a strong emotional need for men to satisfy their woman, the “supplementation” industry has generated massive fortunes by deceiving men into thinking that stamina is something that can be attained with a little magic pill.

The truth is that stamina is something that involves much more than a simple shift in the chemical mixture flowing through your body. Stamina is not only the ability to last as long as you want but also what you’re doing in that time. It’s the ability to make a girls heart race with anticipation before you ever begin penetration.

Real stamina is not only know how to, but also giving her intense orgasm after orgasm to the point that she just can’t take it anymore and pushes you off her. True stamina is not only the way you make love, but the passion that it flows from.

Here are 4 simple steps to enjoy more stamina in the bedroom

#1 – Lasting longer.

Being able to last longer without orgasm is a problem for many guys and it’s also one of the biggest complaints from females who aren’t satisfied with their partners’ performance “under the sheets”.

The best way to last longer without cumming too quick is to focus on your woman. When a guy experiences premature ejaculation, it’s almost always (99% of the time) because he’s in his head. As much as most guys would like to hear that it’s a physical problem that requires some medical help, this is hardly ever the case.

The truth is that we’re not taught how to let go of our minds and totally experience the physical activity that we’re engaged in. By simply concentrating on your woman, what she’s doing, what she’s saying (or moaning), the scent of her hair, the beauty of her hips, lips and every other part of her body. When you give your full attention to her and her body, not only will your natural sexual drive and excitement kick in, but she will feel this and it will arouse her even more.

#2 – Take a break to have some fun.

I’ve never heard a woman complain because I “pulled out of her” and went down on her, engaged in some role play or simply made love to her ENTIRE body with my hands, tongue and even my breath.

While sex for most men is strictly about the penetration, we have to remember that for women sex is everything from penetration, to kissing, to fondling and even a look. While sex is mainly physical for men, women experience sex on a much deeper emotional level.

So when you’re feeling like you might blow it to soon, pull out and try stimulating her emotional senses.

#3 – Get more stamina outside of the bedroom.

This may sound obvious but most men seem to take it as a cliché and not follow through on this one. Work on your cardio and you will instantly notice more sexual stamina enter your life. Now you don’t have to get a gym membership and spend 2 hours a day there. Just 20 to 30 minutes of light jogging or bicycling 3 times a week will go a long way.

Not only does exercise help you attain more stamina, but it really does enrich every area of your life. When you workout regularly (again, 3 times a week will do), you tend to look at and experience life with much more joy, relaxedness and excitement. This will also rub off on your woman if you’re in a relationship and if you’re not, women will tend to be much more attracted to you because of your new physique and the positive emotions that you emit.

#4 – Developing a stronger relationship with your partner automatically generates more passion and stamina in the bedroom.

Just like you, your lady has both physical and emotional needs that have to be met or she won’t feel completely alive. She’ll bitch and complain about petty stuff that just gets on your nerves instead of focusing on what really matters in life. When you help her meet her needs, wants and desires, she will do anything to please you.

Remember that relationships are not meant to be a deal or trade (you give me this and I’ll let you have that), relationships are about giving 100% percent of yourself to the other person. When one person feels like you’re giving 100% and they truly are happy, they automatically want to do the same for you.

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