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Is She Cheating On You? How To Tell and How To Fix It

Does Your girl ever get distant or even straight up mad?

If you say no you are a straight up liar :) ..hahahhah.

Every guy's girl gets mad at some point right?

Sort of.....

Check this out....

You ever see a guy out with his girl and she looks SUPER happy?

She always wants his arm around her.

She has a smile on her face CONSTANTLY.

She laughs at his dumb comments which aren't even funny.

I bet you know the kind of girl (and couple) that I am talking about.

The kind that other people say.......

GET A ROOM!!!! :)

But why do other people (guys) dislike this display of affection so much?

Why are people (maybe even you) SO offended by how into the guy the woman is?

It's because...

For most men and their partner they will NEVER have a love life like this couple that is all over each other in public...

Whether a person wants to admit it or not, it's just straight up JEALOUSY!!

Wouldn't you want YOUR girl ALL OVER YOU in public?

Wouldn't YOU want her to be kissing you, holding your hand and telling you how much she wants you? (over and over again!)

Of course you do BECAUSE....

If a woman is this crazy in love with YOU there is literally NO CHANCE she is going to cheat on you.

You are also going to be able to do whatever you want with her in the bedroom as OFTEN as you want it.

You control the love life...:)

Let's understand a bit more...(and discover how to make YOUR girl act like this with you)...

This kind of public affection, that of a woman showing love for her man is HER way of saying to HIM, "Baby, I would NEVER ever cheat on you."

It's great when you have it !

I always wanted this in my relationships and I"m SURE you do too! (Whether you are JUST dating, single, or in a committed relationship)

To get your girl like this, it is important to know the OTHER SIDE of this too...

You know, where the guy is all over his girl and she doesn't look happy about it.

It is easy to spot.

She looks BORED and they SEEM distant.

Do you REALIZE what is ACTUALLY going on here?

He's trying to make it known to HER and to other GUYS that this IS his girl and she is
FIGHTING all his efforts!

She doesn't want to be his!

Look, I've been there and it totally sucks.

The only thing worse is somewhere in BETWEEN those two situations where your girl isn't
all over you and you aren't all over her.

This is pretty much just as bad since it shows her (and you) that there's no "closeness"
in the relationship.

If you don't KNOW which situation you are in (or don't want to admit to yourself) you have a problem!

And this is not the kind of problem that gets better on its own.

Maybe you have seen it in past relationships or you have seen it in others.

The distance between you and your partner grows and grows until finally she says something like:

"I don't feel as close as I used to."


"I met someone else"

Or even worse

"I want a divorce"

Hearing any of these things that ends your relationship SUCKS.

It takes months, (for many guys YEARS) to get back out there and meet a new girl.

Your confidence is DESTROYED.


Enough of this downer talk, you are about to discover WHAT makes a girl ALL OVER her guy and how you can BE THAT GUY...

The concept is actually pretty simple.

Amazing Sexual Pleasure = Girl thinking there is no reason to cheat or look at other guy

Once you give a girl amazing sexual pleasure...

She has no reason to cheat or look at another guy......

Her being all over you is NATURAL for her.


Because she wants to go out of her way to keep YOU.

YOU are satisfying her biological need of being a real man by giving her amazing pleasure.

Once women find a suitable man (that rocks their world in the bedroom like that) they LOCK

Wouldn't you rather have your girl TRYING to lock YOU down than worrying about whether you can keep her?


Let's talk about how to give her sexual pleasure that no other man can.

One of the real secrets is giving her multiple climaxes in the same session.

And we are NOT talking about you going down on her giving her one oral orgasm and then getting on top of her and MAYBE giving her one. (not even SURE if she climaxed)

We are talking about a full forty five minutes of INTENSE, up against the wall, eyes popping out of her head, neighbors called the police because of the noise, SCREAMING climaxes.

Over and over again!

That's what I ALWAYS aim for in my personal life and know I have done my job when YOU can do that too.

But such INTENSE sexual pleasure is also hard on the guy.

It is tough not to explode when you are going at it THAT HARD and with that much

Early in my personal life (and way before my career as an adult performer) I'd never be able to give a woman this type of pleasure.

I just couldn't last long enough to go at it THAT HARD and LAST while giving her that type of pleasure!

But then once I figured out how to last that long (with a super fast and hard rhythm) women were going CRAZY!

Remember, the two guys from above?

First guy.... The guy who has his girl ALL over him in public telling EVERYONE he is her man.

Second guy....Not sure where he stands or trying hard but she is NOT all over him. There
is a distance between them and making love is not often.

As I've said, I've been both and it feels WAY BETTER to be the HERO than the ZERO!

I want you to be the hero. I want YOUR girl to be all over YOU at home and in public (if things get out of hand and you get busy somewhere you aren't supposed to, it's is all my fault! haha)

The way you can give your girl RIDICULOUS sexual pleasure is simple.

Be able to last forty minutes with a hard, fast, sturdy rhythm.

Give her that INTENSE, up against the wall, eyes popping out of her head, neighbors called the police because of the noise, SCREAMING climaxes that we talked about before :)

Get her all over you NOW and avoid the humiliation that many guys unfortunately end up facing at some point in their lives.

Here is how....

There is an interactive DVD training program that my friend Tori Black (AVN Starlet of the Year) and Krissy Lynn (one of the most popular female stars today) and I put together.

This interactive DVD program has elements that retrain your body that have never been available before.

If you can watch beautiful Tori Black lead you through a series of exercises (practice along if you get my drift ;) then you will reset your body's arousal levels very quickly.

For most guys they last AT LEAST 15-25 minutes LONGER the next time they are making love.

Within a month - 45 minutes to an hour is common.

Also located WITHIN this program is a full DEMONSTRATION that I do with Krissy Lynn narrating EVERY trick and technique to last 45 minutes and drive her to multiple screaming climaxes.

These techniques first changed my own personal love life and THEN allowed me to become an adult performer!!!

They will all work for you too.

Go check out the SPECIFICS of what I'm talking about because I know they will help you too.

Click here now to see the information

Be that guy that his girl all over him!

Your friend,

Keni Styles

P.S. If you think that stamina and multiple climaxes are NOT the key to amazing female
pleasure your HEAD is NOT in the right space.

Click here now to last 45 minutes, and give her INTENSE, up against the wall, eyes
popping out of her head, neighbors called the police because of the noise, SCREAMING
climaxes that we talked about before :)

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