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How to Make a Girl Squirt – Giving Her the Ultimate “O”

How To Make Her Squirt

You may be asking yourself how to make a girl squirt for quiet sometime now, but it all comes down to fingers and an oral job. Exploit with different things, using multiple fingers and targeting different parts of her pussy and ass. What’s needed is for you to be innovative and inventive.

First thing’s first, you can do oral with her inner thighs, clitoris and labia. This will get your girl wet relaxed and wet. Continuously lick and suck the clitoris region to help increase pleasure and her reaching orgasm. Work with your pointer and middle fingers to make them wet with pussy juice or simply with your mouth. It’s important to trim your nails first; sharp fingernails can cause injuries inside.

Slide them in slowly and firmly, with the fingerprint part facing up, as far as they can go. Start with one finger if your girl is still tight; and after you got both fingers in, you can do some teasing in her inner walls. This will promote more juice.

Maneuver to find the G-spot. Every woman has one. Slide those fingers at approximately two inches, upwards and then back towards the entrance. The G-spot is actually an inner wall just above the hole. And it’s rougher than the rest of the smooth inner pussy. Tease and stimulate her with it. By this time she should be breathing heavily by now. As you are rhythmically tapping, pressing and pulling your fingertips at the G-spot area, she should also start getting wet. It’s like a sponge with lots of liquid that feels rough. Keep those fingers at it, just like when you are sliding your cock in and out her pussy.

Increase the intensity at some time. You can eventually replace the poking of the G-spot with a gentle speed-sliding in and out. By this time she should be squelching and trashing about, and obviously loving it. If not, then you should stop, or at least slow down a bit. When she’s close to ejaculation, she will be having a temporary sensation of peeing. Start doing it harder and hold her legs apart, orgasm is just around the corner. And in about 10-50 seconds after that pee sensation, she will cum; don’t stop. Instead go harder pressuring her G-spot. She will scream as her pussy will start shooting transparent and odorless liquid all over the place.

And that’s how you make a girl squirt. Enjoy!

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