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How Do I Last Longer In Bed?

It would be very anticlimactic if during sexual intercourse, when the woman has just started getting aroused, the man has already reached orgasm, thanked her for a good night and went off to sleep. That is very frustrating and unsatisfying, even though the woman doesn't complain nor say anything about it. In truth, she wants more sexual satisfaction from her man, instead of just seconds or few minutes of sexual intercourse. But men should fret not, because premature ejaculation is a common problem, especially among young age. There are simple ways on how to last longer in bed, and neither medications nor surgeries are needed.

If a man asks, 'how do I last longer in bed?' Well, first is that the man should stop thinking about himself, but instead think about how to stimulate and satisfy his partner more. If his goal in mind during every sexual intercourse is to take all the pleasure for himself, then chances are he would reach orgasm sooner even before his partner feels it. The man should concentrate on pleasuring his beloved, by setting the penetration aside and working with his hands and mouth instead, up to the climax. When the woman is about to reach orgasm, he could then join in with her.

Another item in this how do I last longer in bed tip is for the man to control his breathing through the whole intercourse. Scientifically speaking, breathing is directly related to one's ejaculating mechanism. Going into foreplay and into penetration, it gradually becomes faster as both partners get excited, and speeds up until the orgasm is reached. To slow the breathing down, the man should forcibly control it. This delays the ejaculation. However, this is quite difficult to do and takes time to master; he should also do it consciously or else the control is wholly neglected.

Women are very hard to please, so they say. And even in bed, it takes some tremendous effort of a man to be able to really please his woman. But if he has successfully satisfied his partner by giving her the time of her life, chances are she will love him even more.

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