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Giving A Woman An Orgasm, or 5

Giving A Woman An Orgasm

Giving a woman an orgasm is one of the great pleasures in life for men. Know that you’ve not only satisfied your woman but sent her to a state of near unconscious sexual bliss makes you truly feel like a man.

This is when you know you’re doing your part in a relationship or just in the bedroom if you’re not actually in a relationship with her.

I was once told that if you’re not in a relationship with a woman, then you’re not really a man. Since then I’ve learned a few things and have changed this to if you’re not consistently satisfying a woman, you’re not a man.

In this article we’ll go over a few simple ways to make sure that your woman not only orgasms, but that she has multiple screaming orgasms to the point where you need to stop.

The first and most basic principal to making sure your woman has multiple orgasms is that you’ve got to stimulate her emotional senses before the physical.

We all know that women experience sex on a much more emotional level then we do. While sex for men is all about what our manhood is feeling and how the mind is being stimulated, women experience it all as what they feel on the inside.

This not only mean inside of her physical body, but also the emotions that are stirring up within her in the moment.

One of the most powerful ways that you can make sure your gal is emotionally stimulated is by meeting her there. When you do this, she feels it and it will amplify her experience much more.

Here’s how to do this.

As you’re sitting down reading this right now I want you feel your legs.

Stop everything and just notice what they feel like.

Got that tingling sensation of vibration in them yet?

Good now work on noticing your fingers, hands, arms and every single other part of your body.

This is called being present. And as you’re being present right now, you’ll being to notice that there are no thoughts fluttering through your mind. There’s no stress. You are just being, and feeling.

Well guess what.

Women know when you’re present or not and when you’re in the relaxed stress-free state of presence, she will become more relaxed naturally.

When you’re in this blissful state and having sex, the entire experience changes.

You’re both totally free to do whatever naturally comes to you without any judgment, without any friction and with absolutely no anxiety.

Try this exercise when you’re just around a woman. Any woman at all even if you don’t know her or are not talking to her. Just notice what she does and how she reacts to you.

This leads into our next tip to giving a woman an orgasm perfectly because tip # 2 is all about taking your time and presence is all about no time.

Most men are in such a rush to get her clothes off and “get in there”. This is the surest way to guarantee that she won’t orgasm and most likely won’t enjoy her experience with you.

When you take the time to stimulate her emotional erotic senses, now you’re lighting her up and making her ready for orgasms.

You’ve got to begin to love foreplay. This is what it’s all about. When you’re foreplay game is on point, making her have not only 1 but 2, 3 and even more orgasms is simple.

RULE OF THUMB: Foreplay should last until she’s begging for it. If you’ve not yet reached this point, then alter your approach a little and keep at it. You’ll know if you’re on the right track by noticing her moans, the way her body moves and just looking at her face.

This is just the first few steps to giving a woman an orgasm.

Learn the sex tips that will bring her over the edge.

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