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Viagra, cialis and levitra – How I got Scammed for over $100

Probably about 2 years ago, I decided to give it a try. I took the risk and bought some Viagra (or imitation Viagra) online. I knew very well that there was a possibility I would get scammed but I had a little extra money lying around and I figured the potential benefits were worth the risk.

I don’t remember the website I bought from but it was a very clean and professional looking shopping cart style of site.

Sure enough, I never received the pills. I did however get a call from a customs agent around the time I should have been getting my package.

The officer told me that they had received and package for me but could not send it to me because they thought the contents might be illegal.

They knew exactly what was inside because of the packaging and where it came from I guess. He had later told me it was coming from an overseas address.

So there were 2 options he stated. The first was that they could just keep it and do some investigating. And the second option was that he could open it right there while I was on the phone to see what was really inside. If it was ok, he would close it back up and sent it to me (with some kind of repackaging fee of course). If the contents were what he thought, they would seize it and do their investigation.

Since we both knew what was inside, I said just keep it and do what you will. He then told me that it was illegal to buy Viagra, cialis and levitra without a prescription. I didn’t even know this back then. He was pretty cool though and “let me off with a warning”. He told me to never order online again though or I would be in trouble. Not sure how severe the punishment is for buying limp dick pills without a prescription but I sure did listen.

So I made a mental note of what happened (to make sure I didn’t do it again) and cut my losses. I did try to email and phone the company that took my money but of course, getting in touch with them was impossible.

Fast forward 2 years to this very evening.

The phone rings and it’s some guy with an Indian accent calling from the manufacturer (so he says).

He starts by pitching me their new “promo” where I can get a free bottle for 1 or 2 bucks. Oh my god, what a deal! (End sarcasm)

Having been working online for several years now, I can pretty much guarantee that this is what’s known as a forced continuity deal. Get a “free” bottle today for only 1$ and in 15 or 20 days, we’ll bill you for another bottle. We will then bill you every month for your refill until you cancel. And if you try to call in and cancel, we’ll make it the most complicated procedure you’ve ever faced. You’ll most likely eventually give up and have to cancel your credit card.

But this is only my guess.

So I called him on his BS and he was quite slick. Answering all my questions without hesitation but there was just no way I was going to give him my new credit card #. I ain’t no fool. Well, not twice at least.

Do you believe I managed to keep this guy on the phone for 30 minutes! Even after I told him right from the beginning that there was no way I was giving him any of my info.

I finally got him. He asked me straight out, what do I have to do to get your trust? Simple. I said. Give me a full refund and once the cash is in my bank account and cleared, I’ll trust you.

He then told me that he wasn’t affiliated with the company who actually sold it to me. They were a distributor and there was no way he could know which one it was.

Easy I said. It’s the one who sold you my phone number. Blam! Just caught you in your first lie buddy.

From there it was pretty much downhill for his pitch and he knew it.

It didn’t take but 1 or 2 minutes after that for him to say “ok sir, have a good evening.”

Bottom line. Don’t buy any of these drugs online. Or on the phone for that matter.

First of all, you’ll get ripped off.

Second, you don’t need them.

There are much safer, natural ways to get and keep an erection and last for long amounts of time without all of this bs.

Pornstars have actually just begun sharing their knowledge and teaching men how to become a master in the bedroom.

Read what I have to say about Superman Stamina.

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