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Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life

Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex can be as physical as you want it to be. Everyone needs exercise and virtually any exercise will be better for your sex life than none, but there are certain moves you can do that will specifically enhance certain sexual positions. If you just like lying there and letting her do all of the work, you probably don't need any of these.  But if you like to take control in the bedroom and don't want to get tired and have to quit after five minutes, here are several exercises you can do that can improve specific areas of your sexual prowess.

Improve your thrusts. Lunges and squats will increase your leg strength giving more power to your thrusts. Crunches and planks are also ideal in strengthening your abdominal muscles and will give you the power to lift her with your thrusts if she's on top. Additionally, leg lifts, arm curls, and pull ups are good for giving you greater power and deeper penetration.

When you're on top you have to support yourself over your woman. Push ups and bench presses will give your biceps more stamina and power so you don't have to make your girlfriend feel like you're crushing her.

When she's on top you have to support her. Exercising your lower back will give you greater power when you're underneath. Pelvic lifts, leg lifts, squats, crunches, and dead lifts will help your ability to raise her off the bed and can drastically reduce the amount of work she needs to do, which in turn will allow her to go longer.

Pick her up.  Girls love a guy that can just pick them up and fuck them up against a wall. Or even better, in mid air. Pull ups and arm curls will increase your bicep and chest strength, allowing you to pick her up and toss her around like a little play toy.

Last longer. Strong cardio workouts such as running, jumping rope, and swimming will increase your stamina, allowing you to go until she can't take it anymore.

Kegels. That muscle that you clench when you orgasm? Clench it when you're just sitting around doing nothing. Hold it for as long as you can and release it. Strengthening your kegels will not only give you better control over your orgasm, it will allow you to cum with greater force.

Note, the more physical you make sex, the more you're going to need to prepare by stretching and increasing your fluid intake. If you keep yourself in top physical condition, you should be ready to go at any time. You don't want to ruin the mood by having to stop and do a bunch of stretches before you hop into bed.

Not every woman wants to be split in half, so make sure to pay close attention to how your partner is responding while exerting all your new found power. If you're not careful, you could cause painful pelvic bruising or even bump against her uterus and ovaries.

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Boost Your Manhood: 7 Ways to Naturally Raise Your Testosterone

Boost Your Manhood

Low levels of testosterone are one of the main causes of erectile dysfunctions and a reduced sex drive.

PHGH uses the “super-hormone” DHEA to help boost testosterone levels in your body, which pretty much helps you get it up and keep it up during sex.

But if you want to increase the explosion of passion that PHGH spikes into your pocket rocket, you can also try a few natural dietary methods at home.

1.      Zinc

A survey conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institute of Health states that about 45% of adults over the age of sixty are getting less zinc in their diet (or in supplements) than they need to produce adequate levels of testosterone for their body.

Giving your body the right amounts of zinc for even six weeks has been shown to improve testosterone levels in many cases. The best way is through dietary food items like raw milk and dairy products made from raw milk, as well as certain beans which can boost your levels naturally.

If you prefer the supplementary form, you can take up to 40mg of Zinc a day, but make sure you research the right supplement and dosage as zinc is one of those nutrients that must be absorbed by a plant before it can be broken down and passed to a person and too much zinc can cause nausea.

2.      Fasting

As strange as it sounds, fasting for short bursts at intermittent times can raise your testosterone levels because during a fast your body raises the productions of Insulin, Leptin, Melanocortin, and other satiety hormones.

These other hormones not only promote healthy testosterone levels naturally, but help prevent age-related testosterone decline.

3.      Healthy Fats

Eat a diet between 50 and 70 percent fat.

Now wait. Before you go out and stuff your face with fatty foods, you have to make sure you eat the right fats… namely raw nuts (almonds make a good snack), avocados, coconuts, olives, grass-fed meats, and don’t forget to use healthy oils when cooking like olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil.

4.      And Finally - Kick Your Sugar Addiction

This is one of the hardest for a lot of people, myself included. But it’s a proven fact that sugar intake not only spurs high insulin levels but also reduces testosterone production levels after you eat the sweet treat. Cut out the sugar and you will watch your manhood soar back into action and stay there.

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One Single Cause Of Premature Ejaculation

One Single Cause Of  Premature Ejaculation

Learning how to beat premature ejaculation is something that concerns many men at some point in their life.

It can happen to anyone. We get stressed out at work, maybe money is tight or we’re just extremely nervous with a new girl.

Whatever the apparent cause of this issue, it usually always boils down to one thing.


Stress of the body or mind is usually the guilty culprit for a man to ejaculate earlier then he wishes and these can seem like quite difficult things to overcome when you don’t have the right knowledge in place.

Taking time daily to consciously relax your body will be one of the most beneficial and productive things you could do to last longer and have a healthier and more enjoyable sex life for both you and your partner.

Perhaps doing a little daily yoga or meditation is your thing. Otherwise, take just a few minutes to breathe deeply and feel your body.

Becoming more aware of your physical body this way instantly relaxes you and will help you tremendously when you’re in the bedroom with that special someone.

Another way to relieve stress from your body and last longer is by being aware of the positions you’re using and stop if they don’t help your situation.

Many positions that you may be using right now can put more added stress on the muscles that are connected to your penile muscles.

When one of the contracts, the other usually follows suit and then it’s not long before you just can’t control yourself anymore.

Finally, be sure to relax that pc muscle of your and let it flow.

Don’t flex your penis because this puts the highest amount of pressure on the area that needs to stay relaxed the most.

Now if you’ve already had the issue of premature ejaculation then it may be hard to not think about it the next time you’re getting it on.

And of course when you begin to think about it, it often happens again.

The way I’ve overcome this is by simply making this particular session all about her.

I don’t ever think about the chance that I’ll have an orgasm.

I just give her the absolute best foreplay she’s ever had in her entire life and make sure to give her several orgasms from it.

Once she’s satisfied, maybe she’ll choose to return the favor and in this case, It doesn’t matter how long you last cause she’s already got hers.

Maybe she won’t return the favor and that’s fine too. Just enjoy the fact that you gave her one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences she’s ever had and this will shoot your confidence through the roof.

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How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Without Pills

How To Last Longer In Bed

For men, sex is a measure of value.  If you cannot perform well in bed, your value as a man declines immensely.  That is why it is important for men to do well in the bedroom and please their women properly.  Unfortunately, not all men know how to be good in bed.  Contrary to popular belief, doing well in bed is not inherent; it is learned.  If men want to be good in bed, they have to train for it.  Sexual skills will not come to you if you do not search for them.

When it comes to bedroom performance, the basic requirement is for you to last long.  After all, without having this ability, you cannot practice.  If you cannot last long, you won’t be able to please your woman.  True, there are pills that help you last longer in bed.  But these might have side effects.  To keep things safe, you should always opt for natural solutions.

Many are curious about ways on how to last longer in bed for men without pills.  There are actually many ways to help men prolong themselves in bed.  The best way is to practice control.  The biggest problem men have is having a lack of mental control when having sex.  As soon as a man sees a woman naked, different types of fantasies are played in his head simultaneously.  This leads to abnormal stimulation, making him arrive earlier than expected.  For men who have trouble with lasting long, control is the key.  Instead of imagining stuff in your head, focus on what is there for you; take things slow and easy.  Learn to moderate your excitement.

Also, you should make to you manage your load.  Having too much semen stocked up can increase your penis’ sensitivity to touch.  Do your best to desensitize yourself, especially right before sex.  Don’t overdo it, however.  Save some fun for your partner.  Just make sure to condition your mind well and to have your body ready right before sex.  That way, both you and your partner will be happy at the end of the day.

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How Do I Last Longer In Bed?

It would be very anticlimactic if during sexual intercourse, when the woman has just started getting aroused, the man has already reached orgasm, thanked her for a good night and went off to sleep. That is very frustrating and unsatisfying, even though the woman doesn't complain nor say anything about it. In truth, she wants more sexual satisfaction from her man, instead of just seconds or few minutes of sexual intercourse. But men should fret not, because premature ejaculation is a common problem, especially among young age. There are simple ways on how to last longer in bed, and neither medications nor surgeries are needed.

If a man asks, 'how do I last longer in bed?' Well, first is that the man should stop thinking about himself, but instead think about how to stimulate and satisfy his partner more. If his goal in mind during every sexual intercourse is to take all the pleasure for himself, then chances are he would reach orgasm sooner even before his partner feels it. The man should concentrate on pleasuring his beloved, by setting the penetration aside and working with his hands and mouth instead, up to the climax. When the woman is about to reach orgasm, he could then join in with her.

Another item in this how do I last longer in bed tip is for the man to control his breathing through the whole intercourse. Scientifically speaking, breathing is directly related to one's ejaculating mechanism. Going into foreplay and into penetration, it gradually becomes faster as both partners get excited, and speeds up until the orgasm is reached. To slow the breathing down, the man should forcibly control it. This delays the ejaculation. However, this is quite difficult to do and takes time to master; he should also do it consciously or else the control is wholly neglected.

Women are very hard to please, so they say. And even in bed, it takes some tremendous effort of a man to be able to really please his woman. But if he has successfully satisfied his partner by giving her the time of her life, chances are she will love him even more.

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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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This article is about how to last longer in bed for men.

It’s unfortunately a massive issue for so many men and what’s worse is that most will never learn how to stop this and learn the secrets of lasting as long as you want.

We all know that the ability to please a woman in the bedroom is one of the single biggest factors that determine if you have a quality relationship with her or not.

Women who are not getting what they need and desire in the bedroom only have 3 options.

1.      End the relationship and find someone else.

2.      Stay in the relationship and find a man who can satisfy her “on the side”.

3.      Stay in the relationship miserable, and resent their partner for her lack of satisfaction.

On the other hand there are those guys out there who learn the secrets to lasting as long as they want and end up giving their girls multiple orgasms in the process.

Guys who are in these types of relationships are usually the happiest.

When you learn to satisfy your gal she will do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and she will make you feel like a real man.

She doesn’t nag at you for stupid shit and she’s always aiming to please you.

When you go out in public, everyone will know that she’s with you because she wants to show you off while making sure that no other woman tries to steal you from her.

Finally, you’ll never wonder if she’s sleeping around with some other guy. You’ll never catch her checking out other guys and she simply won’t flirt.

You’re the only man she needs and she will make sure you feel that.

So, how do we last longer in bed?

Before we answer this there’s something we need to understand.

There’s only one reason why you don’t last long enough.

It might sound a little crazy but every single guy that I’ve ever taught the secrets of lasting as long as they want have had this in common.

The only reason you’re not lasting as long as you want...

Is because you really don’t want to last long.

Let me explain.

Either you don’t see the actual sex as pleasurable and it’s just the orgasm you’re after or... for some subconscious reason you think that there is some pain involved with sex and you just want to get it over with.

Maybe you’re not totally confident in your ability to please your woman in bed.

Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the past and you’ll do anything to avoid to feelings again.

In either case, you’ve learned that sex is something that’s not enjoyable at some level.

You’ve got to break this pattern and you’re about to learn how.

The first thing I would recommend is that you learn some ways to make her orgasm without penetration and then focus on just making her cum.

Forget about your sexual needs for one “sack session” and make it all about her.

See how many times you can make her orgasm in one night.

Doing this will make you realize just how pleasurable it can be for you to please her.

Seeing her in a stat of orgasmic bliss over and over will transform your way of thinking about sex and it won’t be long before you love sex again.

Click here to learn the step by step porn star secrets for:

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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Tori Black Stamina Trainer Fleshlight Combo

The Ultimate Stamina Training Combo

So we all know that once you’ve learned the techniques to last longer in bed the only thing to do is practice.

And if you’ve been reading any of my superman stamina reviews, then you know that the interactive trainer with the hot Tori Black is the ultimate trainer.

The secrets that Keni Styles provides in the first 2 dvd’s of this program are amazing and will undoubtedly make you last as long as you want once you’ve gotten the chance to use them a bit.

The promise of superman stamina’s interactive trainer with Tori is that if you can last 10 minutes with her (and your hand), then you can last as long as you want with any girl.

While this is true, you and I both know there is no hand that feels anything close to a real woman.

This is why I recommend you try out the Tori Black Fleshlight.

I’m a big fan of these toys and the Tori Black “swallow texture” is my fourth.

In honestly, the others feel good (better then a hand) but my new Tori Swallow, WOW!

I used it 3 times the first day I got it, I just couldn’t get enough.

By the way, I tried the FleshLight Stamina Training Unit (S.T.U) a few months back and I ended up throwing it away. The dam thing is so tight that it killed my boners!

I would get hard, start using it and then my erection would quickly disappear because it was so un-pleasurable.

And I’m not saying it was tight because I’m a “big guy”. I’m very average below the belt and this thing was so tight that I couldn’t even stay hard.

I’ve also got the Jenna Haze Pink Lady and custom built mouth textures.

Both of them are great but I haven’t even used them once since I got my Tori Black Swallow.

What I like best about it is that the lips on the mouth are opened up wide so when you slip into the beginning of her mouth, you just feel a little bit of sensation around your head.

Go just a bit deeper and she gets just a little tighter which feels like she’s rubbing her tongue under your shaft.

If you really want to take your training to the next level use the Tori Black Flesh Light with your Interactive Stamina Trainer dvd.

I haven’t got the Tori Va-Ja yet but it’s definitely next on my list.

Click Here to take Your Stamina Training to the next level and Last as Long as You Want.

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