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Inside the Secret Sex Parties of Sloths

sloth in a box

Sloth Sex.

And I’m not talking about two lazy people just laying there waiting for the other person to do all the work.

I’m talking two toed sloths and the secrets of their “open” sex life.

Now, when you think of sloths you don’t usually think about mating… it just seems to imply too much effort.

In fact I was in a relationship much like this once, back in college. Not a fun experience. But that’s an entirely different type of slow motion.

Wild sloths actually make being lazy profitable. They move so patiently and can stay so still that predators will literally walk right past them (or under them) without notice. Their camouflage skills blow those of a Marine sniper out of the water.

But it is their intense lovemaking abilities that really make sloths stand out from the crowd. They believe in a well-defined “free for all” when it comes to hooking up with whoever they are interested in.

The average male is usually sexually involved with three females, and would probably have a few more if it didn’t require so much effort… or interfere with his 18 hours of sleep. (They get pretty cranky if they are up for more than a quarter of the day.)

Sloth women are a bit more discriminate but still NOT willing to be tied down, preferring to keep at least two guys in their furry back pocket at any given time.

Now that’s not to say that fights don’t break out over who is sleeping with who. Sloths have been found with significant facial scars from the claws of other sloths. It’s just that it takes so much energy to battle over a woman. And really, who has that kind of time?

Plus it turns out that there are evolutionary benefits to this kind of polygamous arrangement, so sleeping around benefits the whole species by keeping their genetic diversity strong (with females having sloth babies from multiple partners).

And would you ever in a million years have guessed that the main problem with their “open” sexual habits is getting lost? Literally, sloths lose each other pretty often. They move so slowly and hide so well that they often can’t find each other when it’s time to do the dirty.

Sometimes a female will spend over a year looking for one of her favorite sexual partners (only to realize he’s been hiding in a coconut tree a few feet away the entire time).

And I thought I was hard to get a hold of.

But the best part… for all their reputation for slow careful movements, the average sloth only lasts about five seconds in the sack. Ouch. No wonder the females need multiple partners.

Maybe it’s because they almost always have sex upside down… probably hard to keep the blood flow going to all the right places.

Don’t worry about these wild love machines getting too caught up in the passion of sexual encounter and tumbling down from their high perch though. Their claws are so strong that they sometimes don’t even fall down after they die, hanging there in the trees for days.

And for all of you that had no idea sloths were be so sexually progressive, check out this guy… he’s a firm believer in self pleasure while waiting for his booty call to arrive.

Yours Truly,

Alex Winters

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Boost Your Manhood: 7 Ways to Naturally Raise Your Testosterone

Boost Your Manhood

Low levels of testosterone are one of the main causes of erectile dysfunctions and a reduced sex drive.

PHGH uses the “super-hormone” DHEA to help boost testosterone levels in your body, which pretty much helps you get it up and keep it up during sex.

But if you want to increase the explosion of passion that PHGH spikes into your pocket rocket, you can also try a few natural dietary methods at home.

1.      Zinc

A survey conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institute of Health states that about 45% of adults over the age of sixty are getting less zinc in their diet (or in supplements) than they need to produce adequate levels of testosterone for their body.

Giving your body the right amounts of zinc for even six weeks has been shown to improve testosterone levels in many cases. The best way is through dietary food items like raw milk and dairy products made from raw milk, as well as certain beans which can boost your levels naturally.

If you prefer the supplementary form, you can take up to 40mg of Zinc a day, but make sure you research the right supplement and dosage as zinc is one of those nutrients that must be absorbed by a plant before it can be broken down and passed to a person and too much zinc can cause nausea.

2.      Fasting

As strange as it sounds, fasting for short bursts at intermittent times can raise your testosterone levels because during a fast your body raises the productions of Insulin, Leptin, Melanocortin, and other satiety hormones.

These other hormones not only promote healthy testosterone levels naturally, but help prevent age-related testosterone decline.

3.      Healthy Fats

Eat a diet between 50 and 70 percent fat.

Now wait. Before you go out and stuff your face with fatty foods, you have to make sure you eat the right fats… namely raw nuts (almonds make a good snack), avocados, coconuts, olives, grass-fed meats, and don’t forget to use healthy oils when cooking like olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil.

4.      And Finally - Kick Your Sugar Addiction

This is one of the hardest for a lot of people, myself included. But it’s a proven fact that sugar intake not only spurs high insulin levels but also reduces testosterone production levels after you eat the sweet treat. Cut out the sugar and you will watch your manhood soar back into action and stay there.

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How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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This article is about how to last longer in bed for men.

It’s unfortunately a massive issue for so many men and what’s worse is that most will never learn how to stop this and learn the secrets of lasting as long as you want.

We all know that the ability to please a woman in the bedroom is one of the single biggest factors that determine if you have a quality relationship with her or not.

Women who are not getting what they need and desire in the bedroom only have 3 options.

1.      End the relationship and find someone else.

2.      Stay in the relationship and find a man who can satisfy her “on the side”.

3.      Stay in the relationship miserable, and resent their partner for her lack of satisfaction.

On the other hand there are those guys out there who learn the secrets to lasting as long as they want and end up giving their girls multiple orgasms in the process.

Guys who are in these types of relationships are usually the happiest.

When you learn to satisfy your gal she will do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and she will make you feel like a real man.

She doesn’t nag at you for stupid shit and she’s always aiming to please you.

When you go out in public, everyone will know that she’s with you because she wants to show you off while making sure that no other woman tries to steal you from her.

Finally, you’ll never wonder if she’s sleeping around with some other guy. You’ll never catch her checking out other guys and she simply won’t flirt.

You’re the only man she needs and she will make sure you feel that.

So, how do we last longer in bed?

Before we answer this there’s something we need to understand.

There’s only one reason why you don’t last long enough.

It might sound a little crazy but every single guy that I’ve ever taught the secrets of lasting as long as they want have had this in common.

The only reason you’re not lasting as long as you want...

Is because you really don’t want to last long.

Let me explain.

Either you don’t see the actual sex as pleasurable and it’s just the orgasm you’re after or... for some subconscious reason you think that there is some pain involved with sex and you just want to get it over with.

Maybe you’re not totally confident in your ability to please your woman in bed.

Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the past and you’ll do anything to avoid to feelings again.

In either case, you’ve learned that sex is something that’s not enjoyable at some level.

You’ve got to break this pattern and you’re about to learn how.

The first thing I would recommend is that you learn some ways to make her orgasm without penetration and then focus on just making her cum.

Forget about your sexual needs for one “sack session” and make it all about her.

See how many times you can make her orgasm in one night.

Doing this will make you realize just how pleasurable it can be for you to please her.

Seeing her in a stat of orgasmic bliss over and over will transform your way of thinking about sex and it won’t be long before you love sex again.

Click here to learn the step by step porn star secrets for:

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

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The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How To Stop It

The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that many men face and unfortunately, most will never learn the simple techniques to putting an end to it.

Many believe this to be a physical issue and because of this, some “medical” companies have made fortunes promoting their drug... um, I mean, “solution”.

The truth is that if you can get and stay hard while watching an adult movie, then your problem is not medical or physical.

There are 3 major causes of erectile dysfunction.

1 – Nervousness in the moment

2 – Being somewhere else in your head

3 – Unconscious desire to avoid sex

While I’ve made these all separate in this article just for the purpose of better explaining them, then can and usually do intertwine all together.

Let’s get to it.

Cause # 1 – Nervousness in the moment

This tends to happen most often when you’re with a girl for the first time. You don’t know each others sexual preferences. You don’t know what to expect from the other. And you might not even know each other at all.

HINT: This happens to us when we assume. We assume that the girl won’t enjoy what we’re doing, we assume that she expects a certain “level of expertise”, we assume all kinds of stuff in these situations and we forget about the basic principles of “the turn on”.

As with all of these causes, the answer is to forget about everything else except for what’s happening right now in front of you. When you’re focused on the expression on her face or the parts of her body that get you riled up the most, you’re not thinking about the experiences of your past or your performance.

This leads into cause # 2 – Being somewhere else in your head

When it comes to premature ejaculation, many “experts” suggest that you think about something non-sexual to keep yourself from getting too excited too quick.


This often leads to erectile dysfunction and the recommendation of drugs to “cure” this new problem.

The truth is that a natural erection is only achieved by getting turned on. So the answer is to put all of your focus on what turns you on in the situation and leave all the rest behind.

And by the way, women know when your erection is natural or not. They can feel it. And when she sees that you need help from some drugs to get it up, she will feel unattractive, insecure and all of the things women most fear.

This will ultimately lead to her inability to get sufficiently stimulated and neither of you will fully enjoy the experience. Go natural my friend, it’s the only way.

Cause of erectile dysfunction # 3 – Unconscious desire to avoid sex

This might sound crazy to some but if you’ve had some bad experiences that lead to pain in the past, your brain will do anything to avoid feeling this pain again.

Let me give you a quick example from my own life:

When I first started having sex, it was great. Sure I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, but I could get it up without a problem and I could keep going for quite a long time.

For some reason, I started to get more and more sensitive and I began to developed the need to “let go of my seed” as quickly as possible.

I had become a 2 pump chump.

This was the most embarrassing thing ever and I was so humiliated that I just wanted to close my eyes and pretend like this girl was not even beside me.

After a few more times of this happening, I unconsciously decided that the cause of all this pain, was sex!

So to make sure I avoided the pain of cumming to quick, I would just stop getting hard even when I wanted to most.

The answer: Let go of everything in your past.


By getting back to the fundamentals once again.

Focus on her. Look, taste, touch and feel every part of her. Take it all in. Learn to love the expression on her face when she’s climaxing. Learn to love her little (and bigger) moans.

While you read that last little paragraph were you think about lowing it too quick or any other problem?

If so I didn’t do my job right.

If you’re like most of us then you were probably visualizing (while reading) being with a woman and enjoying the experience. Focused on every little thing about her that turns you on.

That’s what you have to do when you’re with her for real.

Final thoughts

Erections are nature. They are what naturally happens to us when we get aroused. How do we get aroused? By focusing on the things that sexually appeal to us.

This is it.

Turn your focus back to the moment, the girl and every little thing about her that appeals to you sexually.

It will take some practice but you will soon begin to notice that you’re now enjoying every little bit of sex and you’re now lasting for hours, giving her the most heart-pounding sexual experiences of her life.

Click Here to Learn How the Top Male Porn Stars Stay Hard for Hours without “Blowing It” to quick.

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Premature Ejaculation Causes – and How To End them Tonight!

Premature Ejaculation Causes

While so many men are lead to believe that there are several “medical” premature ejaculation causes, the truth is that they all emerge from the same “root problem”.

Very rarely is premature ejaculation the result of a physical problem. Almost never in fact. You may have heard that “it’s all in your head” but the truth of the matter is that you simply have never been taught how to control your thoughts and nervousness. If only someone would take the time to teach us the secrets of relaxing ourselves and being totally present in the moment of what we’re doing, this issue would not occur.

Now one of the premature ejaculation causes may be thought of as extreme sensitivity, this is especially the case when it’s been a while that you haven’t had sex. When you learn how to “get into your body” this all goes away.

I know this might sound like hokum to some but when you experience what this feels like before ever getting to the bedroom, you’ll know for a fact that there is much validity to it.

Being in your body, or in the moment is simply letting go of all thought and just feeling what you feel. No judgements, no fears or anxiousness, just pure enjoyment of the moment your presently in.

One of the most popular ways that people do this is to focus on their breathing. Take deep breathes and just pay attention to nothing but them. Well this definitely does work when you’re all alone maybe lying down somewhere, but when you’re in the bedroom with some woman your attracted to, it’s kind of hard to concentrate on your breathe and give her pleasure at the same time.

The way I like to do it and what I suggest you try right now is to sit comfortably without moving for now, and just notice what you legs feel like. Take a minute right now, don’t move, don’t think, just feel your legs.

Got it? Good. Now move this feeling up slowly to your pelvic area. Then up to your stomach and all the way through your entire body. It may be somewhat hard in the beginning, but with a little consistent practice, you’ll get it to the point where you don’t even have to think about doing this anymore, it’ll just be the way you live and go through life.

When you do this, not only will you have total control in the bedroom, but the woman you’re with will feel this energy from you and she will know that you are indeed in this present moment. This will score you many points and she’ll be much easier to arouse, which will have her wanting to pleasure you as well.

If you had a hard time believing that someone else could actually feel this energy coming from you, then I want you to try something. The next time you’re within physical proximity with a woman, if you’re speaking to her or not, I want you to notice the feeling of your body again. You’ll see a dramatic shift in the way that she acts with and responds to you.

So try this out so that you can see this really works, then start to incorporate this new way of being into every area of your life. You’ll quickly see that you’re not only much more relaxed but everyone around you will be as well and any previous anxiousness and nervousness you might have previously had in the bedroom will be severely reduced if not gone completely.

So now you know the truth about premature ejaculation causes and you're also armed to deal with them.

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Exercises to Last Longer in Bed – Want To Last an Hour? Here’s How

Exercises To Last Longer In Bed

There are many exercises to last longer in bed but the ones that will give you the greatest return on your investment of time, are mindset based. I’m sure you’ve heard before that “it’s all in your head”, and while it’s not something that you may want to accept, the fact is that it’s absolutely true.

Now you can and should do regular cardio exercises to increase your lasting power inside the bedroom but if you really want to take it to the next level, then you must learn to control the direction of your mind when you’re “performing”.

In this article, well go over the most effective ways to relax your mind so you can totally enjoy your sexual experience and give your partner what she really wants... reaching a state of continuous orgasmic ecstasy.

Exercise to last longer in bed # 1 – Feeling the flow of your body.

Noticing and feeling the powerful flow of your body will be the most valuable thing that you can do for your sex life and also your overall quality of life outside of the bedroom.

Take a moment right now and just feel your legs. Notice what they feel like, not moving and not doing anything. Just the flow of energy that’s going through them right now. When you practice this enough, you can work your way to feeling this vibration through your whole body. When you’re doing this right, you have no thoughts, no worries, you’re in your most productive state.

Also, women know when you’re a man of flow. Some people call this their instinct about men. Have you ever looked at a woman on a busy street for example, only to have her turn and look directly in your direction?  She can do this because she feels your flow.

Exercise to last longer in bed # 2 – Practicing like it’s the real thing.

If you ever find yourself “practicing” when you’re alone, don’t rush for the big payoff. This kills so many men when it comes to the “big game”. If you make your solo sessions last for just 2 minutes, your body will get used to this conditioning and it will be much harder to last long especially when you’re inside the real thing.

Pretend it’s the real thing. Imagine yourself kissing, touching and fondling her before anything else. Picture her face and visualize her moans and dirty looks. Close your eyes and make it as real as possible by playing the exact movie in your mind of the way you’d like it to be.

If you watch adult movies, be careful of what you’re watching. These movies are intended for one thing and one thing only, to excite the male. This is why learning how to please a woman from watching these kinds of movies is just not possible. What you see in these movies is not what your girl really wants. Sure she probably wants it rough like a pornstar every once in a while but if this is your only “strategy”, it won’t last.

Watch some girl on girl or solo action. Girls know what each other like and I’ve found that you can usually tell if they’re faking it or not. So get used to watch 2 girls together or just one solo. If you’re really stuck on regular ol boy girl scenes, make it POV (point of view). This way you don’t run the frequent possibility of seeing some dudes face moaning and groaning. This will also make the experience much more real.

The Last of My Exercises To Last Longer In Bed – Take your time!

There’s no rush when you’re making love. So many guys rush in for the kiss, the hurry to get her naked and then go for the gold. There should be a minimum of 20 minutes from the time she knows that you’re about to get it on, to the time that the actual penetration starts.

My rule of thumb is to give her orgasms before I’m inside of her. This way when the actual sex does start, she’s already primed and multiple orgasms for her and not far away.

If you want to know the exercises to last longer in bed that the world’s top porn stars use to last hours under extreme pressure, check out my Superman Stamina Review.

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More Stamina in the Bedroom – When She Just Can’t Take Anymore

More Stamina In The Bedroom

Every guy wants to know how to gain more stamina in the bedroom and every woman wants her guy to have it. Because it’s such a strong emotional need for men to satisfy their woman, the “supplementation” industry has generated massive fortunes by deceiving men into thinking that stamina is something that can be attained with a little magic pill.

The truth is that stamina is something that involves much more than a simple shift in the chemical mixture flowing through your body. Stamina is not only the ability to last as long as you want but also what you’re doing in that time. It’s the ability to make a girls heart race with anticipation before you ever begin penetration.

Real stamina is not only know how to, but also giving her intense orgasm after orgasm to the point that she just can’t take it anymore and pushes you off her. True stamina is not only the way you make love, but the passion that it flows from.

Here are 4 simple steps to enjoy more stamina in the bedroom

#1 – Lasting longer.

Being able to last longer without orgasm is a problem for many guys and it’s also one of the biggest complaints from females who aren’t satisfied with their partners’ performance “under the sheets”.

The best way to last longer without cumming too quick is to focus on your woman. When a guy experiences premature ejaculation, it’s almost always (99% of the time) because he’s in his head. As much as most guys would like to hear that it’s a physical problem that requires some medical help, this is hardly ever the case.

The truth is that we’re not taught how to let go of our minds and totally experience the physical activity that we’re engaged in. By simply concentrating on your woman, what she’s doing, what she’s saying (or moaning), the scent of her hair, the beauty of her hips, lips and every other part of her body. When you give your full attention to her and her body, not only will your natural sexual drive and excitement kick in, but she will feel this and it will arouse her even more.

#2 – Take a break to have some fun.

I’ve never heard a woman complain because I “pulled out of her” and went down on her, engaged in some role play or simply made love to her ENTIRE body with my hands, tongue and even my breath.

While sex for most men is strictly about the penetration, we have to remember that for women sex is everything from penetration, to kissing, to fondling and even a look. While sex is mainly physical for men, women experience sex on a much deeper emotional level.

So when you’re feeling like you might blow it to soon, pull out and try stimulating her emotional senses.

#3 – Get more stamina outside of the bedroom.

This may sound obvious but most men seem to take it as a cliché and not follow through on this one. Work on your cardio and you will instantly notice more sexual stamina enter your life. Now you don’t have to get a gym membership and spend 2 hours a day there. Just 20 to 30 minutes of light jogging or bicycling 3 times a week will go a long way.

Not only does exercise help you attain more stamina, but it really does enrich every area of your life. When you workout regularly (again, 3 times a week will do), you tend to look at and experience life with much more joy, relaxedness and excitement. This will also rub off on your woman if you’re in a relationship and if you’re not, women will tend to be much more attracted to you because of your new physique and the positive emotions that you emit.

#4 – Developing a stronger relationship with your partner automatically generates more passion and stamina in the bedroom.

Just like you, your lady has both physical and emotional needs that have to be met or she won’t feel completely alive. She’ll bitch and complain about petty stuff that just gets on your nerves instead of focusing on what really matters in life. When you help her meet her needs, wants and desires, she will do anything to please you.

Remember that relationships are not meant to be a deal or trade (you give me this and I’ll let you have that), relationships are about giving 100% percent of yourself to the other person. When one person feels like you’re giving 100% and they truly are happy, they automatically want to do the same for you.

If you want to find out how the top male pornstars instantly let go of the pressure of performing, maintain superman like stamina even under intensely hectic situations and manage to give girls intense multiple orgasms, read my Superman Stamina Review Now.

Just imagine having the same unfair advantage that pornstars have when it comes to sexual performance versus the average regular guys.

Click Here To Get Superman Like Stamina and Give Her Continuous Orgasmic Ecstasy

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