Superman Stamina Review


The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer with Tori Black Review

Think You'll Be Able To Last with Her?

The superman stamina interactive trainer with Tori Black is the ultimate train yourself to last longer tool. It’s the primary reason I bought superman stamina and it’s the only dvd from the entire course that I watch on a regular basis.

The other dvds in the collection are killer, but “practicing” your stamina with Tori is not only fun, but you can also track your progress and notice that you’re beginning to last longer.

There are 2 main chapters on the dvd. The first is the seminar style dvd where Tori and Bobby Bradshaw are sitting on a couch and going over the techniques we learn in the first 2 dvds with Keni.

They also explain how to use the interactive trainer in the most effective way. This is not your regular old porno movie.

Tori Black gets down and dirty in this one (as usual : ) but the difference is that she’s looking right into the camera (at you) teasing and talking dirty to you while she “instructs” you to keep going and at what intensity she wants it.

Most often when you’re in bed with a woman, you’re the one controlling the situation. You’re the one who has control over the pace. Well not here. Tori tells you what pace to go at and because of this, your ability to last longer in bed skyrockets in rapid fire time.

She’ll take you up and down, from fast to slow and extremely aroused to the point where you’ll think you can’t take it anymore, back down to a level where you could keep going all night.

Whatever amount of time you can last with Tori, multiply that by about 1 and a half and this is roughly the time you’ll be able to last with any real woman.

Tori cums twice in this interactive trainer and as she put it, she tries to make you cum 3 times but not let you until the fourth.

The only thing I don’t like about the I.T. is the fact that Tori is not completely shaved. She’s got that little triangular bush above her pelvis... Shave That Shit Tori!!!

Yet she still manages to get me hard as a rock in no time at all and keep me hard throughout the whole thing. God this girl is fine!

So if you’re ready to see how long you can last with Tori, and if you’re ready to “work” at increasing your stamina in the bedroom, then you’ve got to get this dvd set.

Click Here To Get The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer with Tori Black and the entire Last Longer Program.

You can also read my in depth reviews of the seminar style dvds where Keni Styles teaches the techniques he uses to bang gorgeous chicks for hours.

Secrets of Superman Stamina Revealed – Full DVD Review

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Full Superman Stamina In Action DVD Review With Tips and Pics!

Superman stamina in action is just one of the 7 dvds included in the superman stamina “how to last longer” dvd program.

The promise of this home study style training dvd set is that you’ll instantly discover the reasons for your premature ejaculation and how to cure them.

You’ll learn some simple techniques used by popular adult male stars that will not only help you to control your arousal levels, but also heighten hers at the same time.

In dvd # 2 Superman Stamina In Action, Keni Styles and the gorgeous Krissy Lynn get it on for the camera while Keni explains the exact strategy he’s using in that very moment to, keep himself hard, prevent blowing it too quickly and give Krissy some serious screaming orgasms.

This is not only for men who want to learn how to better control themselves but any man who is interested in learn how to give his woman more pleasure in the bedroom will benefit from this dvd program.

All of the dvds in Superman Stamina including Superman Stamina in Action are shot in high def and have Hollywood style editing.

Except for Keni teaching you all of his secrets to pleasing women while he’s doing it right in front of you, you’d think you are watching a 5 star high grade Hollywood style adult movie.

Click Here To Order Your Copy of Superman Stamina Now.

Other dvds in Superman Stamina include the interactive trainer with Tori Black and Oral Sex Magic just to name a few.

The Interactive Trainer is the ultimate tool for curing premature ejaculation and learning how to last as long as you want. The promise of this dvd is that if you can “practice” with Tori for the entire length of the film (only 20 minutes), then you can last as long as you want with any woman.

In Oral Sex Magic, you’ll learn how to give her multiple oral orgasms. So many men do this wrong and until now there really wasn’t a good way to learn.

In this 2 disc set, Shawna Lenee will not only teach you, but she’ll also show in a live demonstration how to properly go from stimulating foreplay to multi orgasmic oral sex that will drive her wild.

Click Here to Claim Your Copy of Superman Stamina in Action along with all the otherbonus DVDs while they’re still available.

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My Superman Stamina Review – Your Fair Warning Before Buying

First off I want to publicly thank Keni Styles, Krissy Lynn, Tori Black and the whole 2GTS crew for what they’ve done for my sex life.

Yes, Superman Stamina does work like they say but there are a couple of things to be aware of.

But first, let me just tell you what you’ll get from this program.

There’s a total of 4 DVDs plus whatever bonus they decide to give away. (I’ve been back to the site a couple of times since I made my buy and it seems like they keep changing the bonus.)

DVD # 1 is all about how to last longer. Curing premature ejaculation with the tips Keni Styles shares in this DVD is only one of the things you’ll get from this first dvd.

Keni also shares some great tips on how to give more pleasure to the woman you’re with and a whole new way of thinking about and looking at sex that help you relax and enjoy it Much more!

DVD # 2 is all about staying hard. There are very specific keys to keeping a rock hard erection all night long and in this dvd, Keni shares them with us. Note: These strategies have even kept me hard after I orgasm so I can still keep going!

DVD # 3 is the demonstration with Keni and Krissy Lynn. It really just the 2 of them having sex while Keni walks you through everything you’ve learnt in the first 2 dvds. I really didn’t think it was necessary but Krissy is pretty hot so I won’t be making any complaints.

DVD # 4 is where the money is. It’s what they call “The Interactive Trainer”. It’s Tori Black (My new favourite porn star! Man this girl is hot!) In a solo type of film where she guides you through “sex with her”.

Tori tells you exactly what to do (slower, faster, more intensity, focus on breathing, imagine kissing my neck) while you and her both masturbate.

The goal is to last the whole 20 minutes with her and not cum until she tells you to. And trust me, it’s not easy. I’ve actually found it more difficult to stay hard without cumming watching this dvd then when with a real girl because Tori gives you specific instructions that you have to follow, and she teases the hell out of you. When you’re with a real girl you can do it however you want.

Bottom line: when you can finish this training dvd using the techniques in dvds 1 and 2, you can last much more then 20 minutes with any girl.

To make it even harder (and more pleasurable), I use my fleshlight when I’m ”with Tori”. This thing together with Toris teasing, if this isn’t superman stamina training then I don’t know what is.

When you go to the fleshlight site, they suggest the “Stamina Training Unit” to build up stamina but I found it a little too tight. And I'm not saying that I'm particularly big, I'm actually about average but I kept losing my erection with that one. So I bought the mouth orifice with the “original texture”. Man what a difference.

Of course the flesh light doesn’t feel exactly like a real girl but it’s pretty dam close. I’m sure you’ll be pleased if you choose to use it with your Stamina Training.

What Superman Stamina Won’t Teach You.

Superman Stamina helped me go from a minute man to lasting just shy of an hour in less than a month, but you know what? This really didn’t help me give her orgasms.

Keni does give some great tips on getting her more in the mood, turning her on more and how to give proper foreplay, but I want to know how to make her cum, and Hard, and over and over again!

I want to rock her world!

So here’s what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to give you a free report called “Her Best Lover Ever – A Step-By-Step Guide To Being The Best Lover She’s Ever Had”. It’s a killer report made by Keni Styles and Krissy Lynn.

I’m also gonna send you a secret link that’ll give you 10% off any fleshlight if you decide you want to get one.

And finally, since the superman stamina dvd package takes a few days to get delivered, I’ll also give you another report that’ll show you some simple tricks you can use to last up to 20 minutes longer, Tonight!

Why did I go through all the trouble to find this stuff for you and hook you up?

Cause I know what not being able to give a girl amazing sex does to a mans pride, ego and spirit. It kills us on the inside and it’s a pain I lived with for way to long.

I’ve also experienced this pain from the other side. When the “role models/parents” in your life aren’t having a fulfilled sex life it comes out in every little thing around the house and as a kid, adolescent and now grown up, it really affects you in much more than just your sex life.

Here’s How This Works

After you order Superman Stamina, Just send me an email at: joey @ with the words “superman bonus” in it (Remove the spaces in that email address). Make sure you use the same email address that you use when you buy superman stamina or I won’t be able to know if you bought or not. Also, make sure you order by clicking a link on this website.

Click here to Get Superman Stamina Now and become the best she’s ever had.

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