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5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

If you’ve never tasted yourself, you can’t possibly know what you are putting your woman through when you come in her mouth. Only 1% of your ejaculate is sperm. The rest is a combination of water, proteins, sugars, and minerals. The Ph balance of semen is usually 7, making it neutral, but it generally has a sour or acidic taste. The flavor can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, primarily your diet.

Certain foods can give it a bitter or sour taste. Others can make it sweet or spicy.

If you’ve ever eaten a spicy meal or lots of garlic and noticed your sweat smelling like the food you just ate, you should know that the same thing can happen with your semen.

So if your wife or girlfriend is making an “ew” face whenever she has to taste you, it could be that your flavor is a bit off. Here are 5 foods that can improve (or worsen) the taste of your cum.

Pineapple.  Citrus fruits can give cum a sweeter taste. Oranges, watermelon, and strawberries are all reportedly useful in improving the flavor of ejaculate. She won’t notice a change immediately however. It usually takes three or four days of eating pineapple or other citrus fruits in order for it to have an effect.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Mint. A few leaves of fresh mint everyday can make your cum taste winter fresh. Not only that, but it will improve your breath as well. So switch out your Margaritas for Mojitos.   

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Celery. Despite its bitter flavor, the high chlorophyll content in celery can give semen a sweeter taste.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Cut down on your meat consumption. A diet high in meat can give you a saltier flavor. Fish also has a negative effect on the taste of cum. Reduce your meat consumption and get more of your protein from nuts or mushrooms.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Drink tea instead of coffee.  Have you ever thought your pee smelled like coffee after you had a few cups? Your semen is subject to the same thing. Switch to tea and you can reduce bitterness.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Other tips: Avoid smoking. Drink lots of water and reduce your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Diets high in vegetables, fruits, and natural foods are generally better for semen taste. Avoid or cut back consumption of meat, fish, processed foods, and fried food. Also, avoid foods that make your sweat or urine smell particularly strong. Vitamins and medication taking shortly before sex can also have an effect.

If your semen smells strange or the taste does not improve with changes to your diet, it could be that you have a serious infection and should seek medical attention.

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