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Inside the Secret Sex Parties of Sloths

sloth in a box

Sloth Sex.

And I’m not talking about two lazy people just laying there waiting for the other person to do all the work.

I’m talking two toed sloths and the secrets of their “open” sex life.

Now, when you think of sloths you don’t usually think about mating… it just seems to imply too much effort.

In fact I was in a relationship much like this once, back in college. Not a fun experience. But that’s an entirely different type of slow motion.

Wild sloths actually make being lazy profitable. They move so patiently and can stay so still that predators will literally walk right past them (or under them) without notice. Their camouflage skills blow those of a Marine sniper out of the water.

But it is their intense lovemaking abilities that really make sloths stand out from the crowd. They believe in a well-defined “free for all” when it comes to hooking up with whoever they are interested in.

The average male is usually sexually involved with three females, and would probably have a few more if it didn’t require so much effort… or interfere with his 18 hours of sleep. (They get pretty cranky if they are up for more than a quarter of the day.)

Sloth women are a bit more discriminate but still NOT willing to be tied down, preferring to keep at least two guys in their furry back pocket at any given time.

Now that’s not to say that fights don’t break out over who is sleeping with who. Sloths have been found with significant facial scars from the claws of other sloths. It’s just that it takes so much energy to battle over a woman. And really, who has that kind of time?

Plus it turns out that there are evolutionary benefits to this kind of polygamous arrangement, so sleeping around benefits the whole species by keeping their genetic diversity strong (with females having sloth babies from multiple partners).

And would you ever in a million years have guessed that the main problem with their “open” sexual habits is getting lost? Literally, sloths lose each other pretty often. They move so slowly and hide so well that they often can’t find each other when it’s time to do the dirty.

Sometimes a female will spend over a year looking for one of her favorite sexual partners (only to realize he’s been hiding in a coconut tree a few feet away the entire time).

And I thought I was hard to get a hold of.

But the best part… for all their reputation for slow careful movements, the average sloth only lasts about five seconds in the sack. Ouch. No wonder the females need multiple partners.

Maybe it’s because they almost always have sex upside down… probably hard to keep the blood flow going to all the right places.

Don’t worry about these wild love machines getting too caught up in the passion of sexual encounter and tumbling down from their high perch though. Their claws are so strong that they sometimes don’t even fall down after they die, hanging there in the trees for days.

And for all of you that had no idea sloths were be so sexually progressive, check out this guy… he’s a firm believer in self pleasure while waiting for his booty call to arrive.

Yours Truly,

Alex Winters

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6 Ways To Tease Your Woman Into A Frenzy

6 Ways To Tease Your Woman Into A Frenzy

The best way to prepare for a night of great sex is to start early and tease your woman. From the moment you see her that day, everything should be a prelude to what’s going to come later. You want to get her fire started and stoke it higher and hotter until the big moment so she’s ready to explode. Here are six ways to tease your woman into a frenzy.

Look good. Dress in your best clothes, shave, and smell good. Your appearance is a preview for what she’s going to get later that night. Plus, the better you look, the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more attractive you will appear.

Talk dirty. Tell her exactly what you’re going to do to her later. Be more explicit than you normally would. Increase your eye contact. Look at her like you want to take her and fuck her right then and there, but don’t. Throughout the day continue to give her a look like you can’t wait to get her clothes off.

Kiss her deeply but don’t touch the rest of her body. Take extra care and kiss her longer and more passionately than you normally do, but don’t press your body against hers and when she tries to move her body into yours, move back, but remain kissing. She should grab you.

Touch her everywhere but there. When you finally move to the bedroom, start slow and wait as long as possible before beginning sex. Move your hands over her lightly and gently, feeling every sensation. You are trying to awaken her skin to your touch. Touch parts of her body that you wouldn’t normally touch. Massage and kiss her feet. Suck her fingers. Lick her earlobes and neck. Gently thread your fingers through the hair on the back of her head, at the base of her skull.

Stop just as she wants you to keep going. When you finally do start to have sex with her, she should be extremely hot and wet. As you get her close to orgasm, stop, pull out, and then put it back in. Speed up, but then slow back down. Instead of thinking about her orgasm as something you build-up to all at once, build up to it in stages. It will make it much more intense when she finally does come.

Another good way you can tease your woman into a frenzy is if you are in public, pull her aside into a corner or bathroom or behind a building and kiss her and ravish her like you can’t wait to get her home, you must fuck her right there, but then stop, compose yourself, and say, no, we can’t. Step back out and rejoin everyone else. Or don’t stop. Public sex can be amazing. Just don’t get caught.


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Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life

Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex can be as physical as you want it to be. Everyone needs exercise and virtually any exercise will be better for your sex life than none, but there are certain moves you can do that will specifically enhance certain sexual positions. If you just like lying there and letting her do all of the work, you probably don't need any of these.  But if you like to take control in the bedroom and don't want to get tired and have to quit after five minutes, here are several exercises you can do that can improve specific areas of your sexual prowess.

Improve your thrusts. Lunges and squats will increase your leg strength giving more power to your thrusts. Crunches and planks are also ideal in strengthening your abdominal muscles and will give you the power to lift her with your thrusts if she's on top. Additionally, leg lifts, arm curls, and pull ups are good for giving you greater power and deeper penetration.

When you're on top you have to support yourself over your woman. Push ups and bench presses will give your biceps more stamina and power so you don't have to make your girlfriend feel like you're crushing her.

When she's on top you have to support her. Exercising your lower back will give you greater power when you're underneath. Pelvic lifts, leg lifts, squats, crunches, and dead lifts will help your ability to raise her off the bed and can drastically reduce the amount of work she needs to do, which in turn will allow her to go longer.

Pick her up.  Girls love a guy that can just pick them up and fuck them up against a wall. Or even better, in mid air. Pull ups and arm curls will increase your bicep and chest strength, allowing you to pick her up and toss her around like a little play toy.

Last longer. Strong cardio workouts such as running, jumping rope, and swimming will increase your stamina, allowing you to go until she can't take it anymore.

Kegels. That muscle that you clench when you orgasm? Clench it when you're just sitting around doing nothing. Hold it for as long as you can and release it. Strengthening your kegels will not only give you better control over your orgasm, it will allow you to cum with greater force.

Note, the more physical you make sex, the more you're going to need to prepare by stretching and increasing your fluid intake. If you keep yourself in top physical condition, you should be ready to go at any time. You don't want to ruin the mood by having to stop and do a bunch of stretches before you hop into bed.

Not every woman wants to be split in half, so make sure to pay close attention to how your partner is responding while exerting all your new found power. If you're not careful, you could cause painful pelvic bruising or even bump against her uterus and ovaries.

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5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

If you’ve never tasted yourself, you can’t possibly know what you are putting your woman through when you come in her mouth. Only 1% of your ejaculate is sperm. The rest is a combination of water, proteins, sugars, and minerals. The Ph balance of semen is usually 7, making it neutral, but it generally has a sour or acidic taste. The flavor can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, primarily your diet.

Certain foods can give it a bitter or sour taste. Others can make it sweet or spicy.

If you’ve ever eaten a spicy meal or lots of garlic and noticed your sweat smelling like the food you just ate, you should know that the same thing can happen with your semen.

So if your wife or girlfriend is making an “ew” face whenever she has to taste you, it could be that your flavor is a bit off. Here are 5 foods that can improve (or worsen) the taste of your cum.

Pineapple.  Citrus fruits can give cum a sweeter taste. Oranges, watermelon, and strawberries are all reportedly useful in improving the flavor of ejaculate. She won’t notice a change immediately however. It usually takes three or four days of eating pineapple or other citrus fruits in order for it to have an effect.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Mint. A few leaves of fresh mint everyday can make your cum taste winter fresh. Not only that, but it will improve your breath as well. So switch out your Margaritas for Mojitos.   

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Celery. Despite its bitter flavor, the high chlorophyll content in celery can give semen a sweeter taste.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Cut down on your meat consumption. A diet high in meat can give you a saltier flavor. Fish also has a negative effect on the taste of cum. Reduce your meat consumption and get more of your protein from nuts or mushrooms.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Drink tea instead of coffee.  Have you ever thought your pee smelled like coffee after you had a few cups? Your semen is subject to the same thing. Switch to tea and you can reduce bitterness.

5 Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Better

Other tips: Avoid smoking. Drink lots of water and reduce your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Diets high in vegetables, fruits, and natural foods are generally better for semen taste. Avoid or cut back consumption of meat, fish, processed foods, and fried food. Also, avoid foods that make your sweat or urine smell particularly strong. Vitamins and medication taking shortly before sex can also have an effect.

If your semen smells strange or the taste does not improve with changes to your diet, it could be that you have a serious infection and should seek medical attention.

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How To Dominate Your Woman In Bed

How To Dominate Your Woman

Few men know how to dominate their woman in bed. It’s a secret fetish for many women to be spanked or tied up and tortured with pleasure, but a lot of guys either never get the confidence to try or they just don’t know how to go about it. If you’ve been looking to try something new in the bedroom, perhaps some bondage or S&M play or maybe even fantasy rape but don’t know how to approach your woman about it, here is some handy advice on getting her to be more open to some rough play in the sack.

Talk to her. It is extremely important to talk to your wife or girlfriend ahead of time in order to establish boundaries and find out exactly what the other one will or won’t do. You don’t want to be in the heat of passion and try something that ends up turning her off or worse, hurting her. It could have a very harmful effect on your relationship.

Every woman is different. Some may like being spanked while others might feel like it reminds them of being spanked by their father. Some like being choked but for others it could trigger a bad memory. So you want to make sure that you discuss things a bit and also pay attention to how your partner is reacting to the things you do. Choose a “safe word” even if you don’t think you’ll need one. If either of you says the word, stop immediately.

Start slow. You want to warm up to the big stuff. If you start spanking her or being really rough right away, she could get sore fast. Manhandle her a bit. Push her down onto the bed and grab her wrists. Hold them behind her head and put your weight on top of her. Make sure she knows that you are in charge.

Ravish her with your kissing and your hands. Talk dirty to her. Pull her hair lightly and kiss her roughly. Tie her up. Neckties work well for this. Make her taste herself. Put a gag in her mouth. Make sure though you can still listen for the “safe word.” If she says it, stop.

Gradually work your way to the more intense things you want to do, like choking and spanking. Torture her by forcing her to orgasm or tease her and keep her from cumming.

Take care of her afterwards. This type of sexual activity can be physically and emotionally taxing on a person and it is important that after you are done, you show her that you really do care about her. Ask her how she liked it or if there was anything she didn’t like. Cuddle her and hold her. Tell her sweet things and thank her for indulging your desires.

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Boost Your Manhood: 7 Ways to Naturally Raise Your Testosterone

Boost Your Manhood

Low levels of testosterone are one of the main causes of erectile dysfunctions and a reduced sex drive.

PHGH uses the “super-hormone” DHEA to help boost testosterone levels in your body, which pretty much helps you get it up and keep it up during sex.

But if you want to increase the explosion of passion that PHGH spikes into your pocket rocket, you can also try a few natural dietary methods at home.

1.      Zinc

A survey conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institute of Health states that about 45% of adults over the age of sixty are getting less zinc in their diet (or in supplements) than they need to produce adequate levels of testosterone for their body.

Giving your body the right amounts of zinc for even six weeks has been shown to improve testosterone levels in many cases. The best way is through dietary food items like raw milk and dairy products made from raw milk, as well as certain beans which can boost your levels naturally.

If you prefer the supplementary form, you can take up to 40mg of Zinc a day, but make sure you research the right supplement and dosage as zinc is one of those nutrients that must be absorbed by a plant before it can be broken down and passed to a person and too much zinc can cause nausea.

2.      Fasting

As strange as it sounds, fasting for short bursts at intermittent times can raise your testosterone levels because during a fast your body raises the productions of Insulin, Leptin, Melanocortin, and other satiety hormones.

These other hormones not only promote healthy testosterone levels naturally, but help prevent age-related testosterone decline.

3.      Healthy Fats

Eat a diet between 50 and 70 percent fat.

Now wait. Before you go out and stuff your face with fatty foods, you have to make sure you eat the right fats… namely raw nuts (almonds make a good snack), avocados, coconuts, olives, grass-fed meats, and don’t forget to use healthy oils when cooking like olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil.

4.      And Finally - Kick Your Sugar Addiction

This is one of the hardest for a lot of people, myself included. But it’s a proven fact that sugar intake not only spurs high insulin levels but also reduces testosterone production levels after you eat the sweet treat. Cut out the sugar and you will watch your manhood soar back into action and stay there.

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PHGH Review

As you guys know, I'm really big on libido boosters.

The extra boost they give during sex is crazy and I highly recommend any guy take them.

Now, unlike a lot of guys, I don't really take them because of any type of sexual problem.  I just take them because they make sex that much better

They give you harder erections and sex drive that makes you want to do it like crazy.

I'd highly recommend you try them even you don't have problems getting it up.

For which one I'd recommend, well I have tried quite a few of these supplements and what I have noticed is.. Many of them don't work.

There are all these review websites out there talking about how good their top choice is, and to be honest I have not had that good of results from any of the ones based off of a review site.

That being said, don't go out there and try just any pill or one that some review says is good.

It most likely won't work and will probably turn you off to these things for good.

The one I use is PHGH.

As I told you, I'm a kind of an enhancement supplement junky and I try just about everyone that comes alone. Well, I got this one because it was recommended by the creators of 2 Girls Teach Sex - a program that teaches sex techniques which I am also quite fond of. Out of all the pills I have tried, this one did the most.  Now, I won't say it will work the best for you, but for me, this one destroyed all the others I tried.

The libido boost I get from it was is one of the most intense I get from any supplement.

I'd highly recommend you give it a try.

Here's a link.



My Stash of PHGH... I stock up ; )



Oh and post your comments!

If you've used any male enhancement pill and got results. Let me know about it!

I'd love to check it out and post a review!

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One Single Cause Of Premature Ejaculation

One Single Cause Of  Premature Ejaculation

Learning how to beat premature ejaculation is something that concerns many men at some point in their life.

It can happen to anyone. We get stressed out at work, maybe money is tight or we’re just extremely nervous with a new girl.

Whatever the apparent cause of this issue, it usually always boils down to one thing.


Stress of the body or mind is usually the guilty culprit for a man to ejaculate earlier then he wishes and these can seem like quite difficult things to overcome when you don’t have the right knowledge in place.

Taking time daily to consciously relax your body will be one of the most beneficial and productive things you could do to last longer and have a healthier and more enjoyable sex life for both you and your partner.

Perhaps doing a little daily yoga or meditation is your thing. Otherwise, take just a few minutes to breathe deeply and feel your body.

Becoming more aware of your physical body this way instantly relaxes you and will help you tremendously when you’re in the bedroom with that special someone.

Another way to relieve stress from your body and last longer is by being aware of the positions you’re using and stop if they don’t help your situation.

Many positions that you may be using right now can put more added stress on the muscles that are connected to your penile muscles.

When one of the contracts, the other usually follows suit and then it’s not long before you just can’t control yourself anymore.

Finally, be sure to relax that pc muscle of your and let it flow.

Don’t flex your penis because this puts the highest amount of pressure on the area that needs to stay relaxed the most.

Now if you’ve already had the issue of premature ejaculation then it may be hard to not think about it the next time you’re getting it on.

And of course when you begin to think about it, it often happens again.

The way I’ve overcome this is by simply making this particular session all about her.

I don’t ever think about the chance that I’ll have an orgasm.

I just give her the absolute best foreplay she’s ever had in her entire life and make sure to give her several orgasms from it.

Once she’s satisfied, maybe she’ll choose to return the favor and in this case, It doesn’t matter how long you last cause she’s already got hers.

Maybe she won’t return the favor and that’s fine too. Just enjoy the fact that you gave her one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences she’s ever had and this will shoot your confidence through the roof.

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How to Solve Impotence in Young Men, Now

How To Solve Impotence In Young Men

Erectile dysfunction, more commonly known as impotence, is most common in men with age.  However, older men are not the only ones having trouble with maintaining an erection.  Impotence in young men is not as common, but it is a reality.  This can be a very big problem because if a guy has difficulty getting up his manhood, he cannot perform well in bed.  This means he won’t be able to please his lady properly.  And unlike with old men with erectile dysfunction problems, young men cannot easily get prescriptions for ED medication.  However, young men can help themselves.  All they need to do is psyche themselves.

Impotence in young men is rare, but it exists.  However, young men with ED issues don’t have to worry much.  Erectile dysfunction in young men is manageable.  You just have to conditions your brain better.  Impotency issues in most young men are merely rooted in nerves.  These are very easy to solution.  Here are a couple of tips you could try:

Men who have issue with getting it up usually have too much going on in their heads.  They tend to think about many things that could go wrong; thinking too much about failing.  In turn, they end up failing themselves.  When you engage in lovemaking, you need to be more relaxed.  Remove all tension from your body as it may end up impeding with your erection.

Also, avoid masturbating before having sex.  Masturbation before sex helps if you have issues with ejaculation prematurely.  However, if you are having a hard time getting hard, you should avoid this.  Save your load and your excitement for the bedroom.  When you finally get there, relax and let things flow.  Do not start tensing up.  Remember, too much negative thinking gets your erection down, while not thinking about it too much can also affect you.

Lastly, ask you lady to do something special for you.  Some men have issues with getting it up because their ladies are not very exciting.  Ask your woman to do something special for a change.  This will surely get you running.

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How to Make a Girl Squirt – Giving Her the Ultimate “O”

How To Make Her Squirt

You may be asking yourself how to make a girl squirt for quiet sometime now, but it all comes down to fingers and an oral job. Exploit with different things, using multiple fingers and targeting different parts of her pussy and ass. What’s needed is for you to be innovative and inventive.

First thing’s first, you can do oral with her inner thighs, clitoris and labia. This will get your girl wet relaxed and wet. Continuously lick and suck the clitoris region to help increase pleasure and her reaching orgasm. Work with your pointer and middle fingers to make them wet with pussy juice or simply with your mouth. It’s important to trim your nails first; sharp fingernails can cause injuries inside.

Slide them in slowly and firmly, with the fingerprint part facing up, as far as they can go. Start with one finger if your girl is still tight; and after you got both fingers in, you can do some teasing in her inner walls. This will promote more juice.

Maneuver to find the G-spot. Every woman has one. Slide those fingers at approximately two inches, upwards and then back towards the entrance. The G-spot is actually an inner wall just above the hole. And it’s rougher than the rest of the smooth inner pussy. Tease and stimulate her with it. By this time she should be breathing heavily by now. As you are rhythmically tapping, pressing and pulling your fingertips at the G-spot area, she should also start getting wet. It’s like a sponge with lots of liquid that feels rough. Keep those fingers at it, just like when you are sliding your cock in and out her pussy.

Increase the intensity at some time. You can eventually replace the poking of the G-spot with a gentle speed-sliding in and out. By this time she should be squelching and trashing about, and obviously loving it. If not, then you should stop, or at least slow down a bit. When she’s close to ejaculation, she will be having a temporary sensation of peeing. Start doing it harder and hold her legs apart, orgasm is just around the corner. And in about 10-50 seconds after that pee sensation, she will cum; don’t stop. Instead go harder pressuring her G-spot. She will scream as her pussy will start shooting transparent and odorless liquid all over the place.

And that’s how you make a girl squirt. Enjoy!

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